Anemic Ornamental Dogwood

westande(z7NC)March 31, 2012

I received an ornamental dogwood as a present now eight years ago! It is an ornamental dogwood tree that was about three feet tall when I got it initially and now it is about six feet tall and about 4 feet wide but a bit "spindly", poor thing just keeps coming up but is definitely not thriving and I have never had it bloom. I have other dogwoods in my yard and they do well and flower nicely year after year but even though I even moved this one to a more "ideal" site for a dogwood (others are close by and doing well) it just hangs on and never flowers. Should I give up on this tree ever doing well and just put it out of its misery? For the last two years it has stopped growing and looks like it wants to grow but just cannot.

Any suggestions?


in central NC

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I would suggest applying some compost or slow release fertilizer (not too much), giving it a good layer of mulch (again, not too much).

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