Trillium kurabayashii

prhartMarch 31, 2013

I obtained fresh seedsof this species last August and planted them immediately in an outdoor pot. I was surprised to see the single seedling leaf emerging recently. All of the other Trillium species I have started from seed only appear in the second year after sowing. This is what the references say too. Is there something unique about T. kurabayashii in this respect? I am thrilled of course because this means one year less to mature form.

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I think it was the "freshness." I had the same results with T. underwoodii and some T. cuneatums. However, all of the other seeds took a long time; some never germinated.

I have one of those trilliums you are talking about, and it skipped last year but is up double this year. Again, Mother Nature gives us surprises.

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