Bunny troubles

fsheik1(5)May 26, 2014

Our back yard is infested with bunnies, they constantly attack my vegetable patch. Any suggestions on how to protect my vegetables?

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Some people swear by used cat litter. Others have tried cayenne pepper. I have more than rabbits to contend with (chipmunks,squirrels, groundhogs) so I will not have a garden unless it is entirely fenced in. I googled to find a solution. Even though it is in another forum, you might find some of the info useful. Good luck!


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Dog Hair! If you don't have your own that you brush out,you can find a dog grooming shop that would be happy
to give your their clippings.
Fill a knee-hi panty hose sock with the hair (you don't have to use the whole sock!), and make "sachets". Hang them low around your plants, you can tie to chopsticks from your
favorite chinese place or use wooden skewers from the dollar store. Because their bodies are so flexible, they can get through most wiring.
I had a bunch of rabbits in the winter- chewed the bark on my roses. So I decided to "feed" them, thus savings plants.
They graced me with only two babies, which scampered off when I found them - full of fur & cotton tails! No rabbits thus far.
You may also want to consider an area far from your plants and create a bunny patch...timothy grass is very good for their digestive system - at Pet Supplies Plus, parsley, carrots with tops, etc.

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The only luck I've had is with fencing. We make "playpens" out of chicken wire and 1x2 framing and surround the plants that the rabbits love. We started out attaching the panels to each other with hinges, but have found that making a bunch of separate panels and attaching them to each other with strips of velcro tape actually gives us more flexibility on shape and makes it easy to remove a single panel for access.

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