Hosta Hypertufa

hostanistaJuly 13, 2014

First attempt at this kind of thing. Used a leaf from Elegans. It tore a bit on the left side but instead of discarding the piece I just went with it - it lends a bit of character to the piece maybe....

Took about 3 weeks to completely cure, painted and sealed it today.

To be used as a small bird bath or fruit bowl or something.

Teaspoon in the picture to show scale.

I'm gonna call this a success!

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So creative. I like the colors you chose.

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Thanks HH - I have a blue kitchen counter so I figured I could use it there....fill it with lemons and limes, kinda cool.

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Very nice! What kind of paint do you use?

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Inexpensive, plain old craft paint in those small plastic squeeze bottles. Navy blue, green, yellow, brown and a bright gold for a little highlighting.

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bragu_DSM 5

or you could donate it to the raffle/silent auction at the next con â¦

I'd bid on it â¦


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Very nice work!

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Love it! I could see that sitting in the middle of my garden. Hint, Hint.


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It is a great piece of crafting, pretty and functional. I think Bragu has a good idea about donating one to the auctions of AHS or benefit auction, because I'd for sure be bidding on one.

If you are aching for a big task think about doing a huge gunnera leaf. Now THAT would be worth a bunch of money, too rich for my blood, but I'd love to try making SOMETHING like that. Only way I could afford it would be to make one.

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That looks amazing! Love the colors and how you were able to make the veins pop. Could easily start a side venture for hosta lovers. Thinking key chains, jewelry, plates, tons of possibilites. I've been playing around with some mixtures for stepping stones. What recipe or mix did you use?

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Thanks all. This first one is my baby, I think I'll keep this one. I expect the next one or two I make to be even nicer (I hope). Such an optimist, I am....

As for the gunnera leaf - I don't have that much cement!!

Bungalowmonkeys: it's 3 parts peat moss, 3 parts perlite or vermiculite, 2 parts Portland cement. I added some play sand too, don't know why, had it on hand, threw it in there. Then water (didn't measure, just from the hose) and stir until it's moistened enough to hold into a ball. Wear a mask and safety glasses, that cement is very powdery, you don't want to breath it in. Once you've watered, you can remove the mask and goggles though. Also they sell cement colourant (I think it's a powder) that you can add to the mix to ensure colour goes throughout the piece. If you're doing stepping stones that might be a good thing because paint would obviously wear off. Or just leave them natural of course.

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Bungalowmonkeys, I should make some stepping stones.

I found some large sand dollar stones at Lowes end of season clearance last summer, and bought all they had. I love the way they can glow slightly lavender at twilight after being sprinkled with water. Trying to make some with that twilight glow built in, now that is a worthy project for the dormant months.

Thanks for the recipe, Nista.

If the colorant includes near lavender, I know I'll need some. There is a sealant for flower pots that might work on pavers/stepping stones. Do folks in hard freeze areas have to worry about garden pavers cracking open too? Like some of my cheaper clay pots up in MA zone 5b, they slivered off at the rims after two years outdoors, simply crumbled from the top. They sat outdoors while we were gone south for the winter. (The heuchera and chives survived in them though.)

Of course the first one is your baby, Nista! Plus, something that is fun should not be stifled by thinking you MUST rev up to a production line. Sort of takes the fun out of it to me. If you are like me, I want to try everything at least once, and not HAVE to do the same thing twice unless I want to. Keep it fun, Hostanista.

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hostacats(zone 3b)

Moccasinlanding as for claypots cracking in cold weather, yes they would because they are porous, so after time the peel crack splinter you name it. I live in a cold zone and anything I put in pots doesn't survive that's why I rarely use annuals anymore. The pots I either store in garage or shed away from the elements and they do better.

Hostanista I LOVE your creation........hmmmm making me think again. I have done stepping stones myself a few years back with cement and molds. I painted them and sealed them. Some are starting to fade now, others I left plain and others I drybrushed them white just so that you can see the picture that was in the molds.

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You hit the nail on the head with that observation Mocc - reminds me of a gardening friend who adored being in the garden, started a small residential gardening company and within 2 years HATED gardening. You never want your hobbies to turn into CHORES. I make jewelry because it's fun; I make sock monkeys because it's fun; I make miniature gardens because it's fun; I doodle because it's fun and now I play with hypertufa because it's fun - certainly not to make my millions! Keep it fun indeed!

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Nista, your miniatures are great too. You gave the link to Rittenhouse I think it was? I got my little bistro table and 2 chairs in white, just like the set in black that we have in our hosta garden.

After I get the mulching and leveling done, I'll set up a miniature bowl garden, or maybe replant the old firepit. Then I also have holes drilled to turn a two tiered white fountain into a planter, so that is another good spot for miniatures, right? Or so we shall see. I could not find the other miniature thread, so excuse me if I mention that topic here....

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A sand dollar stepping stone would be great. You could easily paint it a pale iridescent lavender, add some shimmer and then even a layer of glow paint for a cool effect at night. This year will be the first time our stones will be outside for the winter, hopefully they make it. The photo is of the path im trying to recreate. The first two didnt turn out so good, so it may not be happening. Thank you for your recipe.

As far as making millions and having a production line, nothing like that. Of course that would take the fun out of it. When I mentioned that, had more in mind people sending you leaves from their favorite plant and then you creating something. No production line or monthly quotas, no kepping stock and trying to sell it. Just as simple as a couple a month to help fund a hosta addiction. Could even create something for someone and trade for a hosta as payment. But thats just what came to mind first. Keeping as a hobby is just as fine as well.

With me having so many kids and now being a stay at home mom, im constantly having to look for ways to fund my hobbies. Suppose you could say funding hobbies is a hobby as well. Always changing, never boring and fun. I come from a family of crafters so making, trading and selling naturally come to mind first when I create something.

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