scrawny rhubarb!

trisha_51(5 Nebraska)May 6, 2005

Last year I planted 5 hills of rhubarb. I thought I was planting them all the same, but this spring one is very scrawny, maybe only 3 inches high, while the others are doing well at about 10 inches tall. I'm wondering if I need to dig it up and replant it? Has anyone else had this happen to theirs? Any suggestions for what to do? Thanks! Of course, it's the plant in the middle! :)

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gourd_friends(z5/6 IL)

Since you just planted last year, you need to be patient, as you won't have a full crop for three years. You should be able to use a few stalks from the strongest plants this year, but only for the first month. After that, you should just let the plants grow. Be sure to check on them, feed them (compost and aged manure), and water them if necessary.
Late in the fall, you can cut the remaining stalks off and leave them alone for the winter.
Hopefully, next year you will have a healthy crop ready for using.


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led_zep_rules(5 WI)

If there was a prize for the world's scrawniest rhubarb, I would get it! I have rhubarb that I planted 2 years ago and the entire plant, 2 tiny leaves, is about 3-4 inches across. That is across both leaves the long way! I planted them in an openish spot that my brother once burned branches on, so maybe the pH is off. Also it is hot heavy clay and I don't water there much. Don't fertilize it much either, guess I am torturing it. SO, I am going to dig up the tiny one (the other ones are better, but also miniature) and put it in a new raised bed with rich soil.

Meanwhile, someone I give fruit to gave me lots of rhubarb today, and I can get more from my brother-in-law. But it is odd how tiny mine is, I thought it would be bigger this year than the last or the first but no. Maybe it is on top of a rock or ?!? I actually bought these plants from a store, the ones a friend gave me are doing better.


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