These followed me home from Trudy's

leafwatcher(zone 5)July 8, 2014

They are just like kittens and puppies.. pet them and they will follow you anywhere.


Rainbows End

Maui Buttercups

A Streaked Seedling that has no papers...

Summer Breeze

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sandysoil_2008(6 MA)

Cute little critters! I like that unnamed streaker.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

pray to God you dont bury puppies and kittens... yikes


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hostatakeover z6a swMO

So cute, plus no potty training.

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leafwatcher(zone 5)

Ken , as long as you bury them SHALLOW enough or leave them on the driveway they survive !

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Love those puppies!

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No funny! Glad you were able to grab one of the Rainbows End as they didnt last long......

Was nice seeing you again, sorry we were so busy and didnt get much chance to chat.

I did check what you thought was poison ivy at the base of the clematis....they are just the leaves of the clematis. Much different than other clematis leaves.

The newly planted hostas have gotten some nice rains.
Enjoy your hostas!

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leafwatcher(zone 5)

I wasn't sure about the Ivy.. but my Mom is SO dangerously allergic that I get very uneasy when I see anything in threes... :P

I have to say we could do no better on the weather for transplanting plants.. but wow! have my new ones hit the ground running.. they absolutely didn't ever need tape...and so far the rabbits haven't seen the new ones..

I could tell you a rabbit story that would make your head snap around.. but it was a little permanent for the rabbit.. and it involved 5 robins ATTACKING it !

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bragu_DSM 5

do they eat much?

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leafwatcher(zone 5)

The rabbits have been mowing down all my smaller Hosta. They don't touch older Tiaras.. but they just maul the new ones ... and they have eaten all the flowers that were planted as seeds.they took a couple heuchies to the ground... caged them to save them. They ate a few cannas.. don't seem to like those so much? when the season gets later and hotter they get under the bigger plants and cut them off about 3 inches above the ground.. once in awhile they will take as much as a 1/3 of a plant in a couple days...

What really worries me is all the smallish streaked plants I have with only a few leaves.. one snack and they are hurt bad. and they grow like molasses flows...

I have had three dens dug in the open yard and who knows how many hidden ones in and around the place. My biggest problem is the brush pile in the neighbors unkept yard. Everyone around me has dogs and I think they (the rabbits) know my yard is dog free...

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