Can I plant now???

salem_girl(Zone 5a)May 4, 2005

Man, what a spring!

I have spinach, pea pods, leeks, onions, and some mesclun mix out there so far in and sprouted, but I'd like to plant the rest. I just picked up herb plants, pepper plants and brandywines from a friend of mine that had a sale at the local college nursery. I kill everything that is indoors usually. (This year I've killed eggplant and strawberries) Either I wait and plant seed in the garden when the time is right for that veggie or get plants (tomato and pepper usually) in May. For some reason I only do well planting in the ground so I don't want to keep these little guys out longer than they have to be.

I'm taking my plastic covers back off the raised bed when I get home today. It's been 29-32 at night the last couple nights. The "weather web" says I shouldn't see under 42 for the next 15 days after tonight and the day temps should be upper 60s to 70s. What thinkest thou?

I also have beans, zucchini, pumpkin and edamame seeds to plant. I was hoping to plant the rest together. Is it safe?



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We've had the same weather here in IA. Even though the weather is warming & the lows will be above freezing starting tonight it will take awhile for the soil temperature to warm up. Even though I moved plants back out of greenhouse to harden off today I won't put them into the ground yet for awhile.

Marv-Montezuma, IA

Here is a link that might be useful: Photo Albums

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franktank232(z5 WI)

I went ahead and planted today. I've got a feeling that the sub freezing temps are behind us. The weather models show a good stretch of normal to above the next 7-10days, with ridging over the midwest/east and troughing over the West. I do agree that the soil was pretty chilly when i put my toms in. If the rain does come (which looks very likely this weekend, with temps nearing 80f) that should help. I usually plant on mothers day weekend, and our last avg frost date is may 10.

I didn't plant peppers yet, i'll wait on them.

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salem_girl(Zone 5a)

Thanks. I moved them outside during the day and I'll pull them in at night. I do have a raised bed so I'm fairly sure I'll be okay, so I think I'll plant Sunday. I'm just a bit nervous. When I pulled off my covering from the cold days I had wilted leaves on the plants already in. Some are coming back, but 1/2 are gone. That just kills me. I still remember back in early April a know-it-all busybody telling me I should be planting until Mother's Day. It was spinach, leeks, onions and pea pods! Honestly I don't think they froze, I think I overheated them. Sigh...still learning.

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