No drainage hole in urn - need advice

SandL(6a KS)May 5, 2006

I bought a large rustic looking urn last year to put in my garden. I should have looked for a drainage hole but I was just so happy to find exactly what I was looking for AND getting it 75% off the ticket price. Woo hoo!!

Okay, so now I have it sitting in my dining room instead of outside because I'm afraid of it filling with rainwater. It would be too heavy to lift and dump out and a total pain to keep doing. The urn is pure decoration. I had no intention of ever putting a plant in it because the opening is too narrow. It is made of pottery.

My hubby shot down my idea of drilling a drainage hole in the bottom, fearing it would crack the pot. What to do? Any suggestions?


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I have a terra cotta urn that I drilled a hole in. It's not perfect, but it has held up for at least three years now. Two of which I left it outside over the Chgo. winter. I guess it depends on the material and what you'd rather have. An urn you don't want inside or risking getting the urn you do want outside.

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sandl.....when my mom died, i got two pots that she had bought the greenware, then she glazed and fired herself. i had the same problem, and successfully drilled drainage holes using a small masonry bit. it takes time and patience, but can be done. also, you need to very carefully score the glaze with a pointed object before drilling.

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I am usually on the cooking forum and found this through a search on the internet. I purchased an unglazed terra cotta garlic keeper that I want to use for mushrooms but I will need to drill holes in the cover (the bottom already has holes).

I am not a very handy person but we do own a drill as well as a drexel (sp?) system. Does anyone know how to drill the hole so the cover doesn't crack or is it not advisable to do this?

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sandl...if you don't want to drill a hole in it, then maybe you can put a piece of ceramic tile (or something similar)over the top to keep the water out. You can always set a plant on top of that for more decoration, if you want. but I'm sure you can successfully drill a hole in it with the right bit. there was a discussion on here last year maybe about this very thing. The poster had a good suggestion , but I can't for the life of me remember what it was. Something about using a masonry bit and putting a piece of wood down first, then drilling through the wood to get to the pot? I don't know if that makes sense, but do a search on here and see if that post pops up.

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Sandl- 75% OFF!!!! GREAT BIG HUGE WOO HOOOOOO! Although its cold out now, you can plan on getting it out there next year, or get it out there now to decorate it for Christmas, ooooh pretty! Anyway, here's a tip: use a little bit of water as you drill to avoid the loud screeching noise. It also seems to help breakdown the terra cotta for faster drilling. Good luck with that!

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If you can't/won't put a drain hole in the urn, then find a plug for the top to keep the water from coming in.

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