ourguys(z5 NIL)May 24, 2007

It's almost 90 here in NE IL, and with a terrific wind. Leaves are flying off our huge sugar maple, and the ground is full of big cracks. Really no rain to speak of all month. Can't water all 3/4 acre, so will have to let some things fend for themselves. And we have so many seeds in, veggie and flowers. Very disheartening.....

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May is no longer part of Spring, it's Summer. I gave up on late flowering tulips long ago because they always got cooked by the heat. I fear the drought has begun. We got spoiled last year with above-average precip. Sigh...

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Yes, I agree. This is the wierdest Spring I can remember. Snow, sleet, pouring rain, heat, week's worth of hard freezes, more snow, more heat, more rain and now drought! Mother Nature is slamming us for sure! Life in the garden is never boring!

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I've noticed our seasons have changed throughout the's awful..we no longer have 4 it's winter and summer..we might get a wk or two of spring/fall, but that's about it..heck, we don't even get spring rains like we once did..what's going on?
Two days ago it was in the 90's then on Fri dropped in the 50's..I doubt our bulbs know what to do anymore..
I also noticed my hardy hibiscus and Rose of Sharons are popping up a lot faster than they used to..I don't recall ever seeing my one hardy Hib, (disco belle) popping up this early in the year..yet, it's already several inches tall. Something's messed up for sure..Toni

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