What's blooming in the Midwest - May 2014

jjstatzMay 7, 2014

Borrowing from Pixie_lou in the New England gardening forum. What's blooming here in the midwest?

This is a place to post photos, and to discuss, what is in your garden. This is the thread for May 2014. All garden photos are welcome. Since Spring is here, our focus will be on flowers in this thread. However, all landscape and garden photos are welcome. If it is a photo taken in your garden or your yard, it is fair game to post it here.

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Well... it's mostly just the bulbs blooming here in zone 5 Iowa - but my god they are putting on a show. Let's hope they make it through the brutal wind and heat of the next few days.

Here's parrot tulip Rai with gold dust behind.

The ornamental Almond is just beginning to open up.

Casa grande (monster blooms! with lovely purple variegated leaves... well what the rabbits didn't eat anyway), Purple Parrot Rai, Sensual Touch, and Gold dust trying to steal the show....

Gold Dust... You know, just being... Stunning.

Bouquet of Apple, Pear, and Almond blossoms.

(the fragrance is bordering on intoxicating. That's a jalapeno cheddar foccacia by the way...)

Apricot Blooms

New beds planted this past Sunday - Looking a tad sloppy without mulch and edging... but that's a project for another day. At the bottom right you can see my new own root Munstead Wood rose from DA.

The tulip bed - just planted the sides as well - Oriental poppies - Drama Queen, Danish Flag, Double Black, Double Purple, Red Fringed. Tavor Artichoke, Verbascum mix, Scented Stock, Flowering Kales, Silver Dichondra, Creeping Artisimia, my lovely eremerus poking their alien like heads up, and a bunch of other things I can scarcely remember planting.

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xiangirl zone 4/5 Nebraska(5)

Blooming in Central Nebraska. My bulbs are putting on a show, too.

Claudia Tulips

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Yay! Someone replied! Do you what kind of tulips those are by any chance?

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Thanks for starting this thread. I saw the posts on the other forum too--I was searching for some kind if plant and wound up on the New England forums.

Here are a few flowers around hosta valentine lace.

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Amsonia , peony Paula Fey,
Some no id iris, columbine in the background

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Indiana here.

Tail-end of the irises. Starting to get pretty droopy and brown.

Peonies are starting to bloom.

Swoon! My second attempt at dahlias.

The wildflowers are starting to bloom as well, but haven't taken any pictures yet. Lilies will be here shortly!

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