New here and need plant IDs

fagopher(zone 5)May 19, 2014

Hi All,

I just moved into northern Illinois and got a house with many plants and I don't know most of them . I need some help IDing them..

I uploaded the photos to flickr (probably too many to add the photos in one posting) and added comments to them the link is:

Thanks in advance for any help..

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Hi Fagopher:

Tree 6 is a weedy mulberry (Morus alba). They are difficult to get rid of because they keep sprouting from the stump if you cut them down.

Plant 7 is a spurge (Euphorbia). Not sure if it is native or exotic.

Plant 6 is another tree weed, tree of heaven (Ailanthus altissima).

Plant 1 is Lily of the Valley (Convallaria).

Plant 5 is a Peony.

Plant 4 is a dwarf Spirea that will have pink flowers soon.

Plant 8 looks like a lilac but I'm not sure.

Plant 9 looks like a gooseberry (Ribes).

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fagopher(zone 5)

Thanks for the info. That is a great start!!

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xiangirl zone 4/5 Nebraska(5)

2. This might be a perennial geranium. They have purple flowers.
3. yes, allium, ornamental garlic of some kind.
7. This looks like Siberian Wallflower. Are the flowers orange and frangrant? If you like it, that's great. If you don't pull them out before their slightly swelling spine-like leaves swell and pop open with seeds. The seeds will go everywhere. It's a biennial. It looks a lot like dianthus in the beginning (at least to me).
Heidi in Nebraska

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Kirstin Larson

Tree 1 looks like Burning Bush, identifiable by it's unique stems. Bright red foliage in fall.
Tree 2 looks like Redbud, identfiable by it's heart-shaped leaves. Blooms in early May.
Tree 3 appears to be lilac, blooms in May
Tree 7 - maybe an ornamental cherry of some sort. The shiny bark with white lenticels are an identifier.
Plant 7 is spurge a.k.a. euphorbia
Plant 1 Lily of the Valley
Plant 5 Peony
Plant 2 is not geranium, but hard to from photo. Has it bloomed yet? That would be a good identifier.
Plant 11 Is it spiny? If so, could be barberry.

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