Please help me identify....

vickytoria3112March 28, 2011

I was trying to get my green thumb going with my first garden. Stupid me thought it was a good idea to order the bloom perfect. Now there are these straggly looking plants growing and taking over. They are all of the same species. I know bloom perfect is supposed to be wildflowers but I didn't expect these particular ones would be the only ones to emerge and to resemble ugly weeds. They are about 12 inches high, tiny white flowers, and there leaves close up at night. I don't think they are poppy or mimosa.

I've been on the web for hours trying to find out which plant it is. I was unsuccessful. Which brought me to this site in hopes some expert eyes can help me determine what plant this is. That way I can pull the little boogers out before it's too late and I ruin my garden.

Here's a photo of my nightmare:

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rbrady(5/Eastern Ia)

Is there milky sap? If so possibly Euphorbia maculata, a weed to most.

Hope this helps!

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Rhonda thanks for the reply. I googled the Euphorbia resembles that particular plant, but it isn't the same. This one grows straight up. The milky sap plant looks to spread out along the ground almost like crab grass. I appreciate your help.

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Where are you located? Does the wildflower mix have a list of the seeds included? Is "bloom perfect" the name of the mix?

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I'm in Florida. I have the package here. I looked up all the plants on the bag and none of them look like what's growing in the garden. On youtube they show Bloom Perfect, but there flowers look good. Mines are sory looking.

Here's what the package says:

Lupine, Perennial
Wallflower, Siberian
Poppy, California
Candytuft, Annual
Larkspur, Rocket
Coneflower, Purple
Gaillardia, Perennial
Gailardia, Annual
Flax, Blue
Sage, Scarlet
Coreopsis, Dwarf Red
Godetia, Dwarf
Coneflower, Dwarf Red
Coreopsis, Dwarf Plains
Mint, Lemon
Black-eyed Susan
Alyssum, Sweet
Milkweed is listed but the photos don't look the same as what's growing.

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It isn't anything that is on that list. Chances are when you dug up the soil you exposed some weed seeds to the light and they germinated. I would pull up those things and get rid of them so your desired plants have a chance.

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That part where the garden is, use to be grass. Me and my neighbor dug up everything and threw away the old dirt and rocks. We then filled the hole with Miracle Grow. Could be possible that the seeds were there. But its funny how nothing else is growing there but these plants. Is it common to get the whole flower bed full of the same type of plants after planting your own seeds? I think bloom perfect had those bad ones in there. My boyfriend is telling me to leave them be and see the whole result. It's an eye sore. LOL!

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I saw some pink tiny flowers now coming in with the white ones.

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