Vitis californica x vinifera âRogerâs Red' pruning/care

4costanzaMarch 4, 2013

Can someone tell me if/how to prune this vine? While we'd love to continue to get it's tasty little grapes (for us and the birds), I planted it for it's beauty as a focal point on a wall, not as a vinyard-production-type plant. I planted it 1 year ago near a stucko wall and strung wire for it to climb. It climbed and spread quite nicely, and was beautiful in its fall color. When I search how to prune grapes, I see vinyard-type training, like high cordon system where the vine is trained to one or two trunks. How should I prune it to keep it healthy, spreading, and beautiful(and hopefully still producing) ?

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grapes only bloom on older wood (not the current seasons new growth) so you want to prune so that there is plenty of old wood to bear the fruit and lots of leaves to photosynthesize food and shade young berries from burning sun. check online or with your local agricultural extension agent for specifics for your area.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Would love cuttings of your Rogers Red for root stock for my vinifera!


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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

There are a lot of videos on you tube showing pruning techniques for grapes. A picture says a thousand words!

Basically, the canes that produced last years grapes will NOT give you fruit again! It's important to leave a couple canes with buds on them to form next years fruit.

They intertwine so much, it's really hard to tell, so I put ribbon ties on the fruiting canes so I know what already bore and this helps to decide what to leave and what must go. The old canes grow fat and gnarly and provide structure, and the canes that grew last year need to be pruned partly, with plenty of buds for clusters and new canes.

Inside every bud on the newer "old" dormant canes is a new cane and cluster, so be sure to leave enough buds to produce for you.


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