chemical overspray

elmer(z5 IL)May 20, 2005

have any gardeners dealt successfully with chemical companies and the problems of chemical trespass? We have for 4 years now been sprayed and have various degrees of damage to our garden. Any advice appreciated. elmer

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juicylucy(z5 IN)

Hi Elmer,

Is it overspray from a neighbor? I've not dealt w/this, thank goodness, but if it happened I would be on a major witch hunt. There are some laws regarding this but I'm not sure where to advise you to turn. Have you tried posting on the Organic Gardening forum? Those folks would most likely have some advice for you. Good luck & keep us updated.

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Sheesh, no kidding! I would be insane about that. Is it someone servicing a neighbor's lawn?

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elmer(z5 IL)

we live in the country, farm neighbor, yes. commerical applicator. we have had good relations with our neighbor, but as you can imagine, things are going down-hill. I am furious. Last year we tried billing for damages, were told it was cold weather that caused the problem, and not chemicals. Really, what I'm looking for is a lawyer with some kind of experience with this "problem".

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You could send a tissue sample to a lab to test for chemical residue. At least you could prove they were at fault and not the weather.

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