Rain barrels in Rochester?

jel48(Z4 Michigan)September 30, 2007

And speaking of rain.... which it is still doing btw.... Does anyone know of a good source for rain barrels in Rochester? I'm pretty sure I can find them at Fleet Farm, but anywhere else?

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carmellia(z 4 Minn)

As windy as it has been, just wait. They will come to you. That is where I got my send barrel. Somebody's large plastic trash barrel, I'm sure. One evening it was in my front yard. I left it sit in the front yard for several days. Then I moved it out onto the boulevard. Still no takers. So it became my second water barrel. (The lid must have gone a different direction.)

Since that time I have written my address on my trash barrels and on the lids. I would have returned the barrel if I had any idea where to take it. Carmellia

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jel48(Z4 Michigan)

LOL Carmelia! If one comes to me, I gaurantee that it will never leave (at least not so long as it rains like it has lately) 'cause it will be full of water and way tooooo heavy to ever blow anywhere else again! I have to admit to finding trash can lids, and a blue plastic tarp in my yard after windstorms of the last few years, and some other oddes and ends too!

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Check with places that have swimming pools. The blue barrels may be available and can be rinsed out.

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