Downy Serviceberry

ctnchprMarch 18, 2007

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pacnwgrdngirl(z8 WA)

We have some of these out in our forest. The berries are a lot different tasting than the bramble berries. The plants are way different looking too. They look like a tree, and the leaves are pointy. The blooms look just like that! I finally found out what they were when I got an old Native Plants and Wildflowers book at a thrift store.(From 1934!) It's a great book. Now I can ID anything out there! The book also said that these berries make the best pies.

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Being from the PNW, yours could be Pacific
Serviceberry (Amelanchier florida).

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also called saskatoon berries. They're good to eat, they look like blueberries almost.

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Saskatoons (Serviceberry) grow here in the bucket full. The tastiest berry EVER!

YUMMY. also make the best pies and jam.

(they aren't related to the blueberry or brambleberry)

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