Daffodils That Aren't Flowering

djpooleyMay 1, 2010

Wondering if they're planted too deep or if it is sun. (I see lots of blooming daffodils in my neighborhood that don't look like they get much more sun).

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I have a friend who, one year, planted over 300 daffs...upside down (she thought the pointed end went down). When they didn't bloom that year, she cut off all the foliage! (Sorry, not that you did that, just a funny story).
They could be too deep. I doubt it's lack of sun. Most of my daffs are in deep shade when the trees leaf out. Fortunately, they bloom before that. If you have foliage, they'll most likely bloom next year.

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Did you just plant them last fall? If so, they may be too deep, or the bulbs may have been too small to flower. They will bloom when planted under trees, etc., but the daff foliage needs sun after blooming to help set the flower buds for next year, so make sure you leave it until it starts to turn yellow. Those that are planted where there's deep shade in early spring aren't likely to do as well. Good luck!

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