Aunt Bee's Wiseria

posieh(3)September 25, 2011

Planted Aunt Bee's Wisteria abou three years ago and it has done well, only give it snow cover in the winter. But so far, no blooms. Wondering how long before it might bloom?

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Actually it is 'Aunt Dee'. While it is listed hardy here, I have only seen it in bloom in two people's gardens in my neck of the woods, in both instances it was planted on a wall or foundation and got a lot of early warmth. We bought ours about 20 years ago, in bloom, and have never had it bloom since, despite battling it's growth ever since. It can easily grow 20 feet or more in a season, but sadly rarely blooms.

'Blue Moon' is a much better choice in general for zone 4. Hopefully someone else can give you a better prognosis.

A good friend and gardening neighbor bought a plant marked high on the vine as 'Aunt Dee' and was thrilled to have it bloom, but after digging deep into the rootball, we found a buried tag listing it as 'Blue Moon' and it looked identical to ours, so there may be some confusion in the trade.

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I had one in Minneapolis, sparsely bloomed if it bloomed at all.

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Thanks for the info. Yes, it is Aunt Dee's. I think I got it at Linder's. The info I read said that a nursery in Edina? ....has had it for years and I think they said that it bloomed. I could be mistaken.....

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Planted "Aunt Dee" at my daughter's house in Minneapolis, has only had one flower after about 6 years but, she does not like to prune it back. I planted "Blue Moon" at my house, it started blooming in its' 3rd year, I planted it on a "T" shaped clothesline post but, I prune back all the long summer growth to about 6 buds in late summer and then prune back same to 3 or 4 buds in early Spring around April 10th, I've heard this helps create blooming spurs.

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