Siberian Squill - need advice to get rid of it

hockeynut-08May 19, 2013

I have been fighting these pretty little blue flowers for awhile now - they started out innocently enough, but suddenly have invaded large areas of my yard. Since we have about a 10 acre woods, I am desperately trying to stop them from reaching there. I have fought (and won!) the battle of Snow on the Mountain, Garlic Mustard, and even Purple Loosestrife, but those were nothing compared to my pretty little blue flowers! I'm amazed that they are still being recommended and sold! True, there usually is a disclaimer that they "could" be invasive - that's an understatement! I started digging out the plants, but soon realized that they were already going to seed. Then I filled huge black plastic bags with the ripped off tops of the plants, including the flowers and seeds. Now I am going back and pulling out any remaining green shoots, going on the assumption that there won't be any nourishment for the bulbs for next year's plants. I read that Roundup doesn't affect them, so tried Poison Ivy Roundup in some areas. I don't know if it helped much - also, unfortunately, the Squill like to hide under the Trillium, daffodils, etc., so it is difficult to use. I don't like using ground fabric, but am going to have to try it in areas that are covered with low growing evergreens as the plants are completely hidden in there. I would love to hear from anyone that has had any luck with other methods! Please heed my warning - don't plant them!

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