Rare Native Plants

Jule101March 13, 2014

Hey everyone,

I'm new to the forums and was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me out in locating some plants for my garden. I am looking for some Cypripedium reginae and Double Trillium. I have been trying to find some for several years now and have not been able to. I know there are many online orders forms for them but I was hoping to find them in or around my area (GTA). Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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"I know there are many online order forms for them" If you were to fill out one of those forms and send the company money for the plants that you are interested in the chances are real good that they will send them to you. You might want to give that a try first.

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Someone, either right here or in 'Woodlands', or maybe even 'Meadows and Prairies' just posted about their success in propagating a douoble trillium. Look in those two other forums if it's not here.

As to Cypripedium generally, a mail-order source should exist.


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Have a wonderful spring everyone.

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Please don't make assumptions about me by simply referencing a single question. I am not asking for a handout or freebie. Yes, I am a new member to this forum but I have always referenced it whenever I needed help with my garden, being pretty new to a lot of the plants I am working with. The reason I wrote that "I know there are many online order forms" was because I don't want to order from one as I have never done so before and I am afraid to spend so much money without seeing the plant in person. The only reason I mentioned my area is because I wanted to see if anyone knew of a nursery or plant centre that may sell them. I am aware how much these plants cost and am more than ready to pay it, all I wanted to know was where I could buy them in person in my area. Anyways, have a fantastic spring as well!

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You best bet is to check out the nurseries in your are in person and get a feeling for how well the people know what they are talking about and how well the nursery is kept. Here is a link that lists native plant nurseries in Ontario, Canada.

Here is a link that might be useful: Native Plant Nurseries, Ontario Canada

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Try Fraser Thimble Farms in British Columbia. They have a large selection of hardy orchids and they do mail order.


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