Tulip bulbs that Failed

longfellowmplsSeptember 10, 2013

Hi! I planted some tulip bulbs in a terraced bed- the bed facing sunny west last year. They did not sprout, but were still intact when I dug them up to plant my annuals in that area.

The soil is very very sandy, (water just runs through it). The bulbs in the same yard/area planted in the ground did better.

I would like to try tulips again this year. Should I plant deeper and water more thoroughly?

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Always follow proper depth recommendations for any plant, bulb, seed, etc. Avoid experimenting with this, it is pointless.

I have found tulips to be one of the easiest most foolproof things to plant. I buy the cheapest bulbs bulk, on clearance at the big box stores, and always have very good success but they do not succeed in every location that I plant them.

If they did well for you in some areas and poorly in others, take that as a teaching tool and plant more this fall in the areas where they were successful.

If you really want them in that sandy area then dig the hole double-deep and fill the bottom half with compost. Place the bulbs on top of the compost and fill in remainder of hole with original soil.

I recommend when planting tulip, daffodil bulbs, etc. to put a little bit of peat and bone meal in each hole. Not my idea - I was taught to do this and it works. Don't know why and have never had the curiosity to find out the exact reasons. A little bit of low-nitrogen granular fertilizer works wonders as well. The tulips will reward you for your extra effort. :)

Wishing success,

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