full marigold blooms-snapped off??

greeneyz47June 10, 2013

I have large yell-org marigd. plants that SOMETHING seems to be literally snapping off the big blooms- blooms lay at side of plant, but nothing else has eaten the plant or the bloom- I see no chew marks, It looks clean, like a human took scissors to it (I have no neighbors around that would be doing this) Ive looked at other comments and I cant see slug trails, rabbits??? How can I stop this??

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I have had that happen to marigolds, too. I finally caught the culprit in the act, it was a bird. I think it was was in the swallow family. It 'snipped' the flower with it's beak, tried to pick it up, couldn't, and moved to the next flower.

My neighbors must of thought I was crazy for a while. Whenever I saw that stupid bird I would burst out of my house and chase it away. It finally got the message and didn't return (but it took about a week to do so).

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Thanks so much for your input, that sounds like my culprit, we have lots of bird feeders n tons of birds!! I would of like to seen one in the act- it actually sounds hilarious!! It must of given up, cause it doesn't happen any more...

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