Do you have pictures of sun-burned h.leaves?

bernd ny zone5July 22, 2011

I would like to assure that some of my hosta leaves show the effect of too much sun, and not HVX.

We read a lot about HVX, and the American Hosta Society web site provides a link to pictures of hosta leaves with HVX to which we can compare our plants to.

Can anyone on the hosta forum provide me/us with a link to a file or article showing leaves which are affected by heat, and perhaps also frost? This would be easier than buying those HVX strips.



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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

check out the link

mine look mostly like this pic:

i really dont understand how a colored spotted leaf can be confused with sun BURN ... but dont let me ruin your paranoia


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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bkay2000(8a TX)

There is also heat stressed leaves. Last year, I was really concrrned about my S&S. It was getting some very late afternoon sun and looked horrible. I thought it was HVX.

When it came up this spring, it was perfect. No bleeding - nothing to indicate it had a problem. I moved it to a shadier location, and voila --- it looks the same as it did last August. It's been hotter, so I think it might be heat stress rather than sun scald.

Sum and Substance

a sieboldiana

A royal standard relative

I'll take some photos of my hosta tomorrow that are suffering in the 100 degreee temps.


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Ken, on my post about discussing HVX with your retailers I referred to seeing Blue Angel with a dullish look that is similar to your pics of sun damage. My experience has been as your pics show, usually with the arched tip ends of blades showing more scorching than the base end and in upward curling blades like drinking gourd the raised margins. The Blue Angel I saw were evenly colored over the whole blade and all of the plants were the same. It almost made them look the color of Krossa Regal. I'm not ready to declare it early stages of HVX on a blue/green leaf but I told my daughter I would take a pass on buying them.

On a hosta leaf the part nearest the sun will always show heavier scorching (IMO).


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bernd ny zone5

Hi Ken, thanks for your reply. The picture in your first link seems to show a highly overstressed and under-watered hosta under attack by fungi, et al. Thanks also for your Google collage of sunburned leaves.

Thanks, Bk, I have a similar case on a Jurassic Park which seems to be scorched on 2 leaves. I just bought that one at a good quality nursery on Cape Cod, where I had bought before. In a local nursery I saw these scorches on Key Wests too, shied away from it with focus on this forum so much on HVX. The Jurassic Park :

The only plant I have with probably HVX is this St Paul. I compared the blotches to the AHS HVX paper pictures. The big brown spot is probably a fungus. St. Paul :

Thanks! Bernd

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

hard to tell on st p ..... pic isnt clear enough.. but i think i see the hvx ...

but you understand.. the fungus is secondary to the original damage to that leaf ... had the integrity of the leave not been broken.. then the fungus would not have attacked.. or found an opportunity..

so preventative treatment would be useless ..


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bernd ny zone5

Thanks Ken, I will watch St.Paul this year, then would have to dig it out, very carefully. It must have received it from two inexpensive hostas I removed earlier 2 months ago (very carefully). There might be 2 to 3 HVX casualties every year in my yard, about 1%, not bad, have to live with it.

But there are other dangers to hostas beside slugs, viruses and nematodes, see the linked article.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hosta diseases and pests from Iowa State :

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bernd ny zone5

That St. Paul did not show any more blotches on its leaves since July, so that was probably an effect of too much sun and not enough water. Now leaf fringes are also burnt. Bernd

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