Vernal WItch Hazel hasn't bloomed yet!

dkgarberMarch 10, 2009


I have what I beleive is the native species of Vernal Witchhazel planted underneath some dedicious trees but also by a large pine. I have some buds, but they do not seem super tight like most flower buds.

Shouldn't it be blooming by now??? Its a winter bloomer, no?

I thought b/c its an understory shrub that it would do fine with the amound of sun I've given it (trying to create a native woodland garden)

I am in Boston MetroWest

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bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)

The very name, itself, 'Vernal', would refer to Spring.
In zones warmer than yours, I suspect it might catch the end of Winter. I have found that the more Sun, the more bloom, but the timing is dependent, in part, on the weather, and this past Winter has been, relative to the last few, rather cold. Each sort, also, must have a chilling period, depending on the kind. Technically, if they open before 3/21, they are Winter bloomers.

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Ok, so its april 15th and the blooms halway opened (it is definitely a spring bloomer-I checked my tag. Its the red bloom variety).

The blooms are not impressive at all!! Nothing like any of the pictures I have seen of this plant. In fact, you can only see them if you walk right up to the plant. It doesn't help that the deer browsed the buds off many of the stems, but plenty of buds are left and you can barely see the flower.

I am very very disappointed. DOes it need a sunnier location? I had it in part sun last spring (bought it past the bloom period) and the leaves scorched, so I assumed it needed more shad.

Ugh..I am so bummed. I was really looking forward to its display!

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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

"it is definitely a spring bloomer-I checked my tag. Its the red bloom variety"

What else does the tag say? Sure it's a native and not an intermedia? Diane or Jalena? They should be much showier than the native which should be expected to be beautiful but understated. Try to check out some vernalis in situ to really appreciate what the native form is like.

The native vernalis has a red form I know of called "amathyst". They are very pretty but unassuming. Blooms are very red/purple. Most witchhazel blloms appear more profuse on hotter, sunnier days and sort of retract at night and on cold, overcast days. You've had it just one season and moved it. Maybe give it more time and it will grow on you?

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