Amsonia hubrectii (Arkansas Amsonia)

pinkspoonbillMarch 14, 2008

I planted an Arkansas Amsonia last fall, and watched it turn colors, then drop its leaves. I had a cluster of sticks at the beginning of winter. I bought it in less than a gallon pot, so it wasn't real big. Now that we're having warmer weather, I am looking for my plants I'm expecting back for Spring. To my chagrin, I do not see the sticks of my Arkansas Amsonia. I can find no trace of it in the area I remember planting it in. Does anyone know if this plant dies all the way to the ground, then returns, or if it keeps its leafless limbs, and greens out from there? I don't know how I could have lost the entire plant, stems and all. If it just died, I'd think I'd have the dead plant. How could the sticks have just disappeared? I am afraid some animal dug it up, and later, thinking it was a dead plant, I composted it. Or, an animal dug it up and it blew away into the brush. I cannot find a hole, either, though. It's been a few months since I saw the sticks or looked for the plant. Can I expect it to return from bare ground, or does the plant really remain as leafless limbs, like most other winter dormant plants? I do hope I still have this plant, as it is hard to find and is native to my area (Central AR). If it is gone, perhaps someone here would like to trade a clump of it for something I have. Thank you for the comments of this amsonia's appearance in winter and early Spring. This is the first winter I have had with this plant.

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rufino(z10 Florida)


Amsonia species are perennials that go completely dormant and die back to the ground in winter. They come back from subterranean roots. They do not arise from overwintering stems like a shrub or tree.

If your plant is truly dead (and not just dormant), you can replace it from mail order nurseries. It is readily available from wildflower and native plant nurseries on the internet via mail order...just Google "Amsonia hubrichtii" (note the correct spelling).

Good luck.


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Thank you so much for the reassurance. After I read that post that they do come back from the ground, I felt so much better, knowing I had a good chance that this plant is still around. Yesterday, I went back out and looked for it again, and I did indeed see very small green bumbs out of the ground, and the old sticks were still there, too. I had just missed them earlier. I think my plant is ok, what a relief. Can't wait to see the flowers this Spring. It will be my first Spring with an Amsonia.

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They make very nice signs of Spring nestled in the ground, don't they? I'm still waiting for mine.

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do these plants need pruning ?

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I just bought my first 2 Amanonias. It was so nice to read about them. I am rather new to native plants but want to replace some of my plants with them. The book by Tallamy, Bring Nature Home has shaken me into action.

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In winter after they drop their leaves do you cut back the dead stems and wait on new ones in the spring or do you leave the stems?

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terryr(z5a IL)

I don't cut back the stems. I wait until spring, and do my clean-up then.

Bonnie, are you a registered member here? I'm trying to figure out why some people don't have a 'My Page'? Your name is black and your email is showing, instead of your name in blue and a 'My Page' in parentheses. I suppose, if you want your email to show, it could still show, but I don't understand why your name is black and not blue? You have no profile page that someone can click on. I believe it's called hotlinked when your name and your email or your 'My Page' are linked together.

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I just bought my first of these plants. It came dormant, and had a small root ball on the end with tiny slivers of twigs extending from that. I planted the root ball but left the "twigs" sticking out of the ground. I know it is not dead but has no color or anything. Did I plant it wrong, or is this a plant to be patient with. I am confused. I am a seasoned gardener, or at least thought so. Please help.

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