They're Baaaaaacckkkkkk ! ! ! JB's

mikeinmo(Z6 MO)June 23, 2009

The japanese beetles are back in full force her in mid MO. I have been checking the crepe myrtles every day for them. One day, none, next day TONS ! ! I hate using the powder Sevin, but was the only thing that worked last year.

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I hand pick them into a jar of soapy water. Sometimes I can scoop several in at once. A few will escape by flying, but you usually get a second chance at them later. I try to avoid getting those with on their back. The JB in the picture has been plastered with seven eggs, but one or possibly two eggs is more likely. Three eggs are rare. If you spare them, those JBs can serve as a "nursery" for more parasitic flies.


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they haven't shown up here yet ~~ i have tried 7 dust in the past, but didn't think it did much ~~ do you put it on your plants AND the ground? ~

do you feel it kills earwigs? ~ i have approximately 2 million, seven hundred thousand of them! so far i have planted 33 zinnia plants & about the same number of petunia plants & all but two TWO! have been skeletonized down to nothing & are all dead ~ sigh !


p.s. on the above skeletonizing; i *know* it isn't slugs cuz it is very dry there & a slug wouldn't be caught dead in such a dry place (grin)

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cherylk(Z5-Cent IL)

They're here just north of Champaign as well...

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Try liquid Seven. You have to reapply after it rains, but it has gotten rid of all of my beetles.

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