Help me identify this shrub with dark blue winter berries?

blakekr(Zone 5B, NY State)March 6, 2008

This shrub is everywhere around here in the moist, low, floodplain areas. It's a graceful looking fan-shaped shrub, light gray wood, with dusky dark-blue berries of an oval shape that cling pretty well all winter long.

You OFTEN see this shrub all cozy-like with wild rose bushes, and not uncommonly, you'll find bittersweet climbing all over it. I wish I knew what it was, given how successful it is around here. Any ideas? Sorry for the very bad close-up of the berries. :)

mystery shrub with dark blue berries

blurry berries

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It could be Ligustrum (perhaps L. vulgare) which is an invasive plant that can form dense thickets and out compete native vegetation.

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"... given how successful it is around here". Invasive species are indeed successful because they are so adaptable and can outcompete natives. You have a bad infestation of European Privet. Not too far from me is a beautiful forrested watershed, the dominent understory is European Privet, choking out everything else.
Now for your roses and bittersweet, are you sure they are not Asian weeds?

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blakekr(Zone 5B, NY State)

Thank you so much! No one I have talked to locally was sure what this was ... now I know why!

I guess it has to go head-to-head with the japanese knotweed ... the knotweed seems to be winning.

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Looks like a non-native privet sorry to say. Throw the berries in the garbage.

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ladyslppr(z6 PA)

I think we're all in agreement. European Privet and Ligustrum vulgare are the same plant. This is a widespread, non-native, invasive plant that takes over the understory of woodlands, outcompeting native shrubs and seriously reducing the number of woodland wildflowers as well.

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