Prairie Trillium

shore3661March 12, 2014

My understanding is the Prairie Trillium is considered and endangered plant. We live on a raving in southwest Michigan and there are several trilliums growing in this ravine and there is thought that the Prairie Trillium may grow in our ravine.

Our concern is there are developers who want to come in and build a new cvs and this would require filling in parts of this ravine. What measures can we take as concerned residents of this ravine.

Any suggestions?

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There is a federal list of plants, and each state has its own list, too. You need to see if this Trillium is on your state list and could start with locating your state's Natural Heritage program. In NC, they keep a list, but we also have a Plant Conservation Program which keeps an additional list...too many on that list.

Anyway, check with those agencies, if they exist in your state, to see what rules and regulations exist to protect plants. Even under federal guidelaines it is my understanding that plants don't have the same protection as animals, birds, etc., as the feeling is that plants can be moved more easily than animals.

However, community "uproar" can stop projects.Contact your area native plant grouop and other environmental organizations. We just had Trader Joe's decide not to locate here due to petitions, signs, and angry visitors to the city's meetings on rezoning. Oh, that also means you need to check out your local planning board,.

If you cannot stop construction this way, don't forget about rescues. Trilliums move rather easily.

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Exactly as nc says....Public organization to protest this planned development might be your best option. Opinions can and occasionally do succeed in stopping projects of this type, especially if the corporation behind the plan-CVS in this case- has a desire to be seen as a good corporate citizen. I hope you are able to prevail. Another CVS (or other) store is of tiny value in the ultimate scheme of things, the continual loss of natural habitat that is occurring across the land is a poor legacy to be creating. but you already kow that!

Failing all else, yes, a plant rescue may be all you've got. BTW, if this is indeed Trillium recurvatum, AKA Bloody Butcher" it is listed in Michigan as threatened. It is also an extremely interesting plant.


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