Bluffview Nurseries - ethical growers?

Carrie B(6B/7A)March 9, 2014

Came across this link in some information about the native US Pachysandra, and wondering if anyone knows anything about this company. Prices seem awfully low for ethically propagated & grown trillium, bloodroot, etc. Any thoughts?

Here is a link that might be useful: Bluffview nursery

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I ordered from them twice last year. They offer a lot of natives that are rather hard to find at lower prices then I've found elsewhere. The bulbs were a bit small, but as I was ordering unusual things I wasn't sure how big they were supposed to be. (I seem to remember the Trillium, wild Ginger, and Jack-In-The Pulpit were maybe three times the size of marbles, the blood root was twice as thick as a pencil and a bit longer then my thumb...) The second time I ordered things came very late. I'll have to wait until Spring to see what comes up for a real test of quality. I have no way of gauging their ethical practices.

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I don't believe at the prices, they can be offering anything but collected dug plants (not grown commercially). However, that is but an opinion....

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There are many nurseries which sell at these pricees in that part of TN. Most are not retail, so I have never visited, and I cannot tell you that they DON'T dig from the wild. Some of these nurseries have been around for many, many years. This one only started in 2005.

Years ago I ordered from one of the older nurseries, and yes, everything I ordered was quite small but healthy and did grow. I met the owners at a trade show, and they insisted that they did not dig...but I don't know about this new place.

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I can only hope that the Vinca minor that they are selling was dug from the wild! And common mullein, wild daylily, mimosa tree and burning bush too .... All readily available from roadsides in some areas of the country.

Sheesh, not sure that I would want to support them if they are "propagating" invasive plants.

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Exact same opinion esh ga., I checked out the list. They describe some plants as seedlings and many are ground covers. I imagine you get what you pay for @ $2.00. They state on the website the plants are not dug from the wild.

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As someone who's new to gardening, this site, and Bluffview Nurseries; I'm super curious as to how your experience went with the Vinca Minor you'd ordered!

I just picked up what appear to be 510 bare-root vinca minor for 50 bucks - figure it's not too much to take a shot on for fall planting.

Any luck in your experience?


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UPDATE: I expect a high casualty rate with my plantings, as I'm planting at my parent's place and can't do after care. Plus this year I planted them way too late in the year in tough spots. The top of the Eastern Redbud I got as a "free bonus" because my order was late died, but it is growing vigorously from the base. Several Virginia Bluebells came up, and a trillium. No sign of the bloodroot.

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