Did anyone grow this daylily in the '90's?

annieinaustin(z8 Austin)June 23, 2006

I asked the daylily forum, but haven't heard anything yet. Just in case it was only available locally, I thought someone here might have gardened in 1991, when a batch of daylilies were marketed as "Shades of Stella". The tags said they were recrosses of the original "Stella D'Oro" line. I lived in IL then, where a friend and I each bought a few plants. When they bloomed, that they were all slightly different. Most were nothing special, but we each kept some of a very pretty one.

I've brought this daylily along with me each time I've moved, and still like it. Did anyone else try them? What were yours like?

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Hey Annie! I worked at the wholesale nursery that sold those "Shades of Stella" plants! So very cool to hear that you got a pretty daylily out of it and that you've kept it with you through your moves.

To fill out the story on the tag just a little bit, a local daylily breeder had an entire field of crosses that he had made with Stella as one of the parents in each plant. As the plants showed their stuff, he culled those that caught his eye and left the rest. Basically, there was nothing "wrong" with the plants, but there also was nothing unique enough about the rest to try to bring them to market.

Then the breeder contacted my boss and offered him the opportunity to dig all the remaining plants for very little cost. And so "Shades of Stella" was born - a grab-bag daylily, if you will!


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annieinaustin(z8 Austin)

Hi Veronicastrum - thanks so much for the reply!

This little daylily turned out to have a Stella-type shape, is a little taller, and the color is more apricot with a rose blush. It's even got some diamond dusting. While it was in Illinois, it bloomed well with one repeat flush. But here in TX, it sends up new scapes throughout the growing season. I guess it had to come here to do its best.


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Hi Annie,
Many years ago a bought a daylily called Shades of Stella at the local K-Mart. It could have been 1991. I still have it, it's doing very well, has lots of blossoms and some repeat bloom. I've divided it several times and also given pieces away. I was wondering why I have not seen it in nurseries anymore--now I know.
Thanks for the info,


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annieinaustin(z8 Austin)

Thanks for answering, Elfie. I thought my Stella came from Franks Nursery & Crafts - but there was a K-Mart in town, too. When two flower nuts are on the hunt, it's hard to remember exactly where we found our green treasure.

I brought one small piece with me from IL to TX and at first was just happy that it survived. It took awhile but this spring I was able to divide it into 6 plants, in two borders. I'm glad you still like your Shades of Stella, too - our original investment was definitely worth the few dollars, wasn't it?


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