Native flowers for sculpture garden

collinw(7b)April 2, 2013

I am working on a native garden/learning garden/sculpture garden that is located at our local recycling center.

I am in central Alabama 30 miles south of Birmingham in zone 7b.

I am looking for advice on plants that are waterwise and native to the southeast that will do well with very little maintenance.

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we don't have enough info to make good recommendations. you left out the most important stuff we need to know like....

what is the sun exposure? all day?
what is the desired full grown height of the planting?
purpose of planting....screening, shade, aesthetics?
place of beds, around a parking lot, along a fence, property boundary?

if you want to use natives suggest you check with your local landscape nursery or ag extension agent to get ideas for plants that do well in your area with little care or water. xeroscaping is the proper term for low water gardening.

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Xeriscaping (waterwise gardening) is exactly what you will want to look into. Just google the term for lots of reading.

I'm sure there are some Southern gardeners who can make some suggestions for you here. I personally can't. I live in NY State and our conditions include lots of natural rain and freezing temperatures for almost half the year - much different than your growing conditions. (We've had snow squalls much of the day while I'm sure you have pretty spring blooms everywhere!)


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It is full sun all day. The maximum height would be 4-5 ft and then descend in height from the back of the bed to the front of the bed. The garden is going to mainly be aesthetic, but will also be used by the local schools as a learning garden. In the sketch the large planting area is 30 feet long and 15 feet wide. It is a raised bed with a 2 ft. concrete retaining wall. There are also planters made from 55 gallon plastic drums. I have a small budget and a nursery that has committed to donate plants. What I need is someone knowledgable about native plants in the southeast. I have over 25 years of experience as a gardener, but it always helps to get others input, which is obviously one of the main functions of this forum.


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Email Jan Midgely, who lives in AL and is quite competent. I met her at the native plant conference in Cullowhee. She is gracious and loves to share information about natives...has written several books. If she has time, (illness in the family) I bet she will help you. I think you can find her email information via the internet.

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Thanks ncrescue!

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