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rylan528(6)June 10, 2009

Ok, so I'm NOT creative at all and need some ideas for our front landscaping. We have started on our backyard but would like to do something with the front also. I have a picture of the front but am unsure of how to get it to show up.


Here is a link that might be useful: Front Yard

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Lauren_IA(4b IA)

I learned a great design technique at a landscaping workshop. Take a regular sheet of paper and fold it in half, twice. This gives you four rectangles for each side of paper. Keeping the piece of paper folded so only one rectangle shows at a time, draw a quick sketch of the outline of your house, walk, drive, and any major objects already in place, i.e. deck, tree, etc.

Without putting a lot of deliberation into the exercise....use your first square to indicate direction (N, S, E, W) and light at different times of day. This is to get that information in your head and a quick reference. Move onto the second square and redraw your house, drive, walk, etc... Work up a landscape sketch based on a grid pattern, next a curving pattern, next a circle pattern, next taking the view from the interior into account, etc..... This is all done quickly and without any thought as to the plants. Just fill up your squares

This may start slow but will pick up speed as you loosen up and stop overthinking the process. Use up as many sheets as you want. Then go back and look for what appeals to you and think of how that will interpret into a garden design in terms of height.

Throughout this, remember that plant selection comes last. Once you have the height and layout sorted out, you can select plants/shrubs/trees that suite your site.

I used this to come up with a great spiral design for my backyard which I am now working on repeating in the side yard and front yard.

Have fun!

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You can google something like "front yard landscaping" and click on images. See what catches your eye. Drive around the neighborhood, and again, see what catches your eye. The library and bookstores have landscaping books to help you sort out ideas. I linked a photo just to give you an idea...

Here is a link that might be useful:

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pondwelr(z5 WI)

I have only landscaped three homes in my lifetime, but I'v been more than pleased, and reaped tons of compliments from all.

In every case, I started from the outside edges of the yard, and worked my way in. The lot line beds were made by
dumping purchased truck load of dirt in a long, narrow mound stytem, then digging an edge. Voila! a bed. next Spring, plant trees that stay small, shrubs that dont need
pruning, and put cedar mulch over the beds.

Oddly, defining your yard at its edges, no matter now small, makes it seem so much bigger. And, the privacy is great, and the birds love the shelter.

Most replies on this, or any post, will start with; "dig a
curved bed next to the porch/entry" and blah, blah.

The beds at this house were made in August and planted right after. Birch did not survive. Everything else did.
But needed regular watering right up until mid Dec.

Its funny, but once your yard is sort of roped in, it is so much easier to pick plants for around the front door.
Good luck to you, Pondy

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I've tried google and looking at pictures but to no avail and we are in a relatively new subdivision and either people have no landscaping or they have the "traditional" landscaping and I would like something that is not the same like pondwelr said "curved bed next to the porch"

I was hoping that I might get some design ideas or even some plants suggestions (something relatively low maintainance, more shurbs/perrenials with maybe some annuals). I'm foreign to everything, my grandfather drew up our backyard for us (our backyard is large for a sub, we sit on 1/4 acre) but he was a bit overwhelming when it came to execution so we don't want to ask him about the front. :-)

Any suggestions?? I'm NOT creative, I'm a math person. :-)

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Ok so I figured out the picture thing...

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pondwelr(z5 WI)

a stone or stamped concrete 'landing' as big as the porch, with a nicely curved walkway from sidewalk/driveway/or both, would be a good start. A small tree that is pretty year round as a focal point next to the front patio/landing, but not blocking windows or doorway, might be next.
After that, I would save up money for an iron fence across the front and a few feet down the sides too.
You only need to make a start. The rest will follow as your tastes grow and change. Lovely home, by the way.
A symetrical plan will emphasize its dignity. An iron-looking fence or a real iron fence will do the same. Go for the classic look for your classic home. Pondy

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