When does corrugation become cellular collapse?

thistleandmaize(Zone 5a- Eastern IA)July 25, 2014

As in a symptom of hvx. Another picture to follow this one...

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thistleandmaize(Zone 5a- Eastern IA)


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

it would be my opinion.. never...

words mean things...and these are two different things ...

chris is the expert.. but i like trying ..

i see nothing in the second pic.. but corrugation ...

BUT ..... i see something really funky in the first... that has nothing to do with the corrugation ... but i dont know what it is ... hvx.. or some other virus... looking weird because of the corrugation ...

whats the plant.. wide brim??? .. not that it matters ...


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thistleandmaize(Zone 5a- Eastern IA)

I worded that badly. I dont mean corrugation becomes collapse. I was trying to determine when that deep ripple is corrugation and not overreact to thinking it's hvx or collapse. Sorry for my wording on that.

Yes, a wide brim I think. Luckily not mine but a neighbor's. If I hadn't seen that odd spot you noted in the first I would've said just corrugation like the second picture shows. I included it for reference to what the rest of the plant looks like. Thanks for any input.

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