Today's Auction Arrivals

landlady(USDA 8 or 9)July 25, 2012

USPS just dropped off my newest winnings from the auction:

Mango Tango

Foxfire Palm Sunday


Lakesdide Paisley Print

Tomorrow they will all get potted (gin and tonics ya think?)

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Babka NorCal 9b

Whoohoo! Double G&T's!


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I would go for the G&T's. Have fun potting!

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Nice cool tonic for a hot day. I think you will like Afterglow. I've had it since I think April, and it is looking fine. My LS Paisley Print arrived today as well,

Here is Afterglow after growing for at least 3 months in a pot:

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landlady(USDA 8 or 9)

Ah, just thinking about that G&T got me moving and got them all potted up so that I could just maybe do the very same for myself.....:-)))

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Landlady, nice looking newbies, and those roses in the back make it look like a party table.

What's that little tiny mini in the galvanized trough on the left? Looks like a mouse to me. :)

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landlady(USDA 8 or 9)

Good eye, Moccasin, you are exactly right; that's Mighty Mouse. The other minis in the trough are Remember Me, Dancing Mouse, Lakeside Scamp, Bashful, and Little Maddie.

That table is a huge (44 X 72) drawing table that I have moved from room to room to my sister's house to her garage and finally back to my deck trying to find a place worth its' heft and beauty. It's big and beautiful but hard to place. Today I am going to find a piece of thick waterproof plastic to put on top of it to protect it from water damage....

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Ludi _PA_7a

LL, I see you joined the LS Paisley club as well. Gratz, they all look wonderful !!!

My first order from the auction came in yesterday too and I am all smiles. :) Naylor certainly delivers a good product and Gary was delightful to do business with.

I posted my update under my existing thread "They're here They're here" if you or anyone else is interested in looking.



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landlady(USDA 8 or 9)

Ah, Ludi, I have been looking at your wins and am on the very same page you are regarding the auction and Gary and Jack and Naylor Creek.

Except for some wonderful hosta that I bought a few months ago from Rob Canning, all of my purchases (in this my second year of hosta-ing) have come from NC and/or from their stuff on the auction. I am well pleased.


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Landlady, about the waterproof can go to a fabric store, like Joann's or even WalMart, and check out the very wide (like almost 6 feet) of heavy duty clear plastic. I've made bird cage covers out of it using some heavy duty sticky back Velcro (hook & loop fasteners). It also makes a good shower curtain liner. Very durable.

Well, today I got the rest of my Naylor order I think that is all, which includes the Sugar Daddy, Dark Shadows, and Journey's End.

sorry gotta shut down, we're having a bad electrical storm, lightning everywhere

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Now. Back to it. After that nice nice thunderstorm, I did not have to water anything. And it cooled down to 78* very quickly. I was standing out on the stoop breathing in nice cooler air and smelling the fresh plant smells, when up pulls the UPS guy. No kidding, a really nice size box from Mason Hollow was there. That makes TWO deliveries of plants today, No...THREE....Naylor, Hornbaker, each three hosta, and then of course the BIG box from the ladies at Mason Hollow.

Oh, you want to know what arrived?
Emily Dickinson (fragrant)
Gold Standard x2 (gold)
August Moon x2 (gold)
Halcyon (blue)
Hoosier Harmony (fragrant and gold)
Midas Touch (gold)
Rich Uncle (gold?)
Atom Smasher (gold squiggles)
Silver Threads & Golden Needles (longest name ever!)
They were out of Faithful Heart and Love Pat, so I may have ordered them elsewhere, don't recall now.

Suffice it to say, my kitchen sink is full, these plants were massive like big bouquets, except for little Silver Threads...and Atom Smasher, the smallest of the three. Won't be cooking dinner tonight. Warm things up in the m/wave.

I did not get a chance to remark earlier before the storm that Miss Saigon, Royal Flush, and Yin from Hornbaker were also quite bushy too.

The three from Naylor were in good shape as usual, Journey's End, Dark Shadows, and Sugar Daddy. If there is a problem with Sugar Daddy, it isn't apparent at this time. It looks perfectly normal to me. Who might perform beautifully, but I'm not expecting it after what I heard about it already.

You'd think that with this heat and humidity all the way from the Canadian border to south Alabama, the plants would be cooked. Not so. I think I remember BKay asking about that somewhere, but now I cannot find it to respond directly. No, things are being shipped with precision, and I think the USPS is doing an outstanding job of it. While Mason Hollow did ship via UPS, they used USPS last time I'm almost sure. It was a big box, that might have been the reason.

But unless some nursery makes me a deal I cannot refuse, this is it for me this season. Oh, I still have Green Mountain order to arrive, but I'll be ready for it NEXT week. Oh yeah, and AA Hosta as well. Gee, I was right to go buy a 8 bags of potting mix and about 50 pots of varying sizes. And about 8 bags of pine bark mulch for starters. It's going to look wonderful when spring comes.

Oh, I love those gold hosta!
If I put any in the ground later, it will start with the Honeybells, August Moon, Gold Standards, the workhorses. And maybe the giants on the back row When it dries out, I've gotta kill some weeds, haul in a berm of pine bark, and relocate the hosta--again. At least all I have to do now is drag pots around. No digging up and replanting. So many options, so little endurance.

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