Unable to Weed/What's Going to Happen?

flowerbrackob(z4 WI)June 6, 2006

I'm to have hip surgery and will not be able to do the chore; I even enjoy weeding, it's like therapy. Albeit I'll be doing

a totally different therapy.

Is It Possible To Let Them Be? I even wonder if I can't do it at all, and have to leave them until frost/winter, will they choke out the perennials?

Or:maybe the winter will just kill them? I've also seen products that spray on lawns, kill the weeds and Do Not Kill the Grass;would that products work on the beds too?

More than worried for my ten years of work on my fleurs of sanity they create for me.

WHAT TO DO??????? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jaemy

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username_5(banned for no reason)

Any chance you can hire a neighborhood kid to do the weeding every once in a while, just so they don't go to seed and cause you problems for years?

Otherwise you can try Preen which is a pre-emergent herbicide. All it does it stops seeds from germinating for a couple/few months. All seed, so no direct sowing until it wears off. This will stop new weeds from sprouting, but won't kill the perennial weeds that are already there. I don't think it does anything for weeds that are there and spread by means other than seed either, but it could help keep the beasties to a minimum.

The weed sprays for lawn weeds don't work in a flower bed. They are simply formulated to not kill grass, but will kill plants. There are some products that can be used around some ornamentals, but you have to read the labels to see if it can be used around your plants or not.

Good luck!

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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

Jaemy- This is probably too late to help you, but...

If you have the time, you could lay down several layers of newspaper (fold several sheets into fourths and overlap them around your plants). Then top with some kind of mulch - shredded bark is easily obtainable and works well.

Or, you could use a product like 'Roundup' to spray on the foliage of the weeds, only.

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