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ilovetogrow z9 Jax FloridaJuly 19, 2012

moccasinlanding recently stated that she wondered what was in everyone's wish list and I do too. I know mine changes daily as hh and many others posts more hosta photos. So what is in your WISH LIST? 10 max maybe per post. This will be fun and have a great grow day, Paula

PS: The only rule is you cannot own it at this exact moment.

Hosta wish list:

Golden Meadows

Summer Breeze


Dance With Me

Emerald Ruff Cut

Lakeside Cupcake

American Icon

Raspberry Sundae

North Wind

Unchained Melody

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Ludi _PA_7a

Wow Paula this one was hard . . . presently there are about 43 cultivars on my list. But since you only asked for 10 . . .

Emerald Charger
Half and Half
Jade Cascade
Lakeside Paisley Print
Montana AM
Rainbow�s End
Raspberry Sundae

Always fun to share,


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My 10 (tough cutting that last 10)

Double D Cup
Foxfire Palm Sunday
Frank Lloyd Wright
Joshua's Banner
Nutty Professor
Piecrust Promise
Prince of Darkness
Proud Sentry
Sharp Dressed Man


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Good luck with Nantucket, Paul. It's only in a few gardens.

Here's my list.

Sand Pebbles
Fickle Blue Jeans
Gold Regal
Great Lakes Gold
Foxfire Irish Moon
Yellow River
Lakeside Party Dress
Rainbows End


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paula_b_gardener 5b_ON(5b)

and mine:

Golden Meadows
Joshua's Banner
Alex Summers
Royal Flush
Roy Klein
Devon Green
Lakeside Dragonfly
Hyuga Urajiro
On Stage

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MadPlanter1 zone 5

Lakeside Old Smokey
Hollywood Lights
Simply Sharon
On Stage
Clifford's Forest Fire
Golden Meadows
Silver Bay

Atlantis is on there too, but with a question mark. The list changes all the time. You guys are forever posting a picture of something I didn't know about and suddenly "need".

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Delta Dawn
Gypsy Rose
Allegan Fog
Lakeside Paisley Print
Regal Splendor
Earth Angel
Touch of Class
Journey's End
Alex Summers

I have way more (as does everyone). Luckily, I have only these 10 priorities right now since I bought 3 off the list last week (Color Festival, Liberty and Golden Meadows). I have one more (and this is my way of sneaking it in) Captain Kirk had to be tossed for HVX last year and I'd like to replace him.

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Ok TOP ten:

Lakeside Prophecy
Lakeside Frosted Mint
Green Sheen
Irish Luck
Potomac Pride

A list which changes and reshuffles daily. Waiting for the new Naylor Creek catalog.


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I do keep a wish list, and I just read it. There are close to 100 hosta on that list.
I revise it once or twice a year, removing or adding hosta, often according to what I read from growers on this forum. It's fun to re examine it, decide for or against certain varieties. The list is free and flexible.
I use it on the rare occasions when I go hosta shopping, and it's great fun to find and indulge myself to a treat from my list.
I have close to 200 varieties now, and I add slowly and carefully. I'm out of room for the nonce.

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ninamarie, you can do it - what are your top 10?

It will give the vendors on the HL Auction something to post and try to entice you over 200.


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eclecticcottage(6b wny)

Oh mine changes all the time...

Lakeside Shoremaster
Rainbow's End
Dark Shadows
Devils Advocate
Blue Ivory
Ice Age Trail
Wave Runner
Smooth Sailing
London Fog

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So far, I've been able to cross Sagae, Montana Aureomarginata and Adorable off my list this summer. Here's ten of what's left.

Simply Sharon
Guardian Angel
Moonlight Sonata
Sun Power
Abba Dabba Do
Leading Lady
Deep Blue Sea
Dancing Queen
Rainbow's End

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Since you said 10 max MAYBE...
Today's Top 40. Like in pop music.
I am the Rick Dees of hosta wish lists.

These are in addition to some you all have already posted.
(Be glad I didn't post them ALL) :D

War Party
Viva Las Vegas
Vermont Frost
Valley's Long Neck
Tropical Dancer
Sails Ho
Royal Tiara
Regal Promenade
Medal of Honor
Lakeside Sir Logan
Candy Cane
Cross Stitch
Big Kahuna
Midnight at The Oasis
Prince of Darkness
Miss Tokyo
Happy Valley
Amazing Grace
Foxfire Divine Winds
Faerie Cups
Tobacco Road
Simply Sharon
She's a Dancer
Sapphire Pillows
Seventh Heaven
Second Coming
Ruffled Feather
Rolled and Pleated
Red Stepper
Quiet Waters
Lakeside Prophecy Fulfilled

"Hi, my name is Michelle, and I'm a hostaholic."

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lol yeah 10? okay I'll...

arc de triomphe
blue ivory
dark star
dancing queen
golden meadows
holy mouse ears
inspire greatness
lakeside paisley print
luna moth
royal mouse ears

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Lakeside Prophecy Fulfilled
Color Revolt
Regal Splendor
Athena especially, but all plantagineas
Annabel Lee
Blue Umbrellas
August Beauty (watch list)
Allegan Fog (watch list)
Lakeside Foiled Plot
High Society(watch list)
Pistache (watch list)
Rainbow's End (watch list)
Empress Wu (REALLY thinking hard about this!)
Winter Lightning (watch list)
American Sweetheart (watch list)
Neptune (watch list)
Seventh Heaven (watch list)

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Forbidden Fruit - Tetraploid of Orange Marmalade
Lonesome Dove- narrow green margin, cream center
Moon Split
Neptune-All Blue
Prom Queen
Rare Breed
Riviera Sunset
Robin Hood
Summer Concerto- Gold Center with wide medium green margin

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Melissa, I notice you have Lonesome Dove on there. If you are looking for a really nice one similar coloring, take a look at Little Jay. Same variegation as Lonesome Dove but white.

Here is a shot of Little Jay with 3 pots containing 5 White Dove, having the reverse variegation of Lonesome Dove:

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

Thank you all for helping get my mind back into hosta gear. I really enjoyed your input. It seemed Rainbows End and Simply Sharon were the most sought after plants and I can see why. There were some real beauties listed there.

moccasin, American Sweetheart has done very good for me as has Lakeside Prophecy Fulfilled. I got them both as liners and they have more than doubled. Empress Wu in a pot? Have to be a big one.

Michelle the twist word was not maybe it is per. You were close lol. You can have as many posts as you wish the only rules are it has to be a new list and you cannot own it right now.

So as we all change our minds here is my new list, now just to find them on line:

Lakeside Paisley Print
Rainbows End
On Stage
Simply Sharon
Ice Age Trail
Guardian Angel
Moonlight Sonata
High Society
Cross Stitch
Viva Las Vegas

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On Stage= try Green Mountain Hosta. I just got one from them, very reasonably too.

And the reason I was thinking hard about Empress Wu? I could not imagine it in a pot!!!!! hehehehehe

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I hereby vote for 'thisismellisa' list as the most unique list.

I very much like this thread, and wish I had the time to expound on how many of these are worthy of note and further discussion, both positive and negative.

However, us 'up north' folk have a lot of visitors this time of year, since most of them are too timid to visit here when the snow is deep, and even us northern secludes types like some social interaction, we will be hosting visitors this week, so thanks for a very fun and interesting thread, but I don't see where I can find the time to properly comment on the many interesting mentions from all you fine folks.

Your mentions are sooooo intriguing, though,and I'd like so much to go into them further!

fwiw and thanks to all for the activity,


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Jax, thank you for the info on American Sweetheart growing for you. I'll run it up to the Wish List instead of Watch.

LS Paisley Print and On Stage, on your Wish List, are due to arrive here this week....among others, I might add.

HH, enjoy the company. We'll hold the fort. Maybe like the inmates running the asylum?

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donrawson(Z 5)

Big Kahuna streaked (Skaggs)-aka Bev and Dave, probably N/A
Big Pizza Pie (Elslager)- I have no idea who has it
Continental Divide (Petryszyn)
Cyclops (Soucek)- N/A
Holy Grail (Deckert)- N/A
Love in the Afternoon (Brashear)- for hybridizing, expensive
Nippers (Goodenough)
Round the Glen (Serafin)- round leaves, for my hybridizing program
Simply Sharon (Benedict/Kuk)
Topsy-turvy (Elslager)- for hybridizing, I have no idea who has it
Troubled Seas- humungous hosta of Indiana Bob, N/A

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This is just starting with "A":
American Hero
Christmas Tree Gala
Dragon Wings
His Honor
Jack of Diamonds
Jewel of the Nile
Jurassic Park
King Michael

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First Frost
Blue Jay
Orange Marmalade
Marilyn Monroe
Irish Luck
Lakeside Lollipop
Gypsy Rose
Hanky Panky

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