Beyond Excited-a new native out of nowhere!

dkgarberApril 25, 2010

One year, I stopped "gardening" in my backyard and just let everything go. I started learning about native woodland plants, and each year I scour my yard to see what treasures I've been missing. So far, I am DELIGHTED to have huge stands of jack in the pulpits, trilliums, real and false solomon seals (which have almost taken over), canadian mayflower and lots of ferns. I just love it.

Yesterday I found some new leaves of a plant that was unfamiliar. Google helped me identify it as yellow trout lilly-YAY!!!! I've never had these in my yard before-unless while doing my other plantings I've disturbed them?? I am very happy to have another woodland plant pop up.

I know nothing of this plant-can anyone tell me anything about it??

This is WAY more fun than a manicured, nursery produced garden. Each year is a surprise finding out what mother nature has decided to grow.

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Congratulations. Benign neglect can work wonders if those seeds are there in the ground, i.e., there has not been so much plowing and tilling and taking of the top soil. Otherwise, you have to amend and plant.

As for the trout lily, I do know its roots go down quite deeply and is hard to transplant. It seeds out freely, so you should have a nice stand in a few years. The foliage disappears as the weather warms up.

I love this plant because it is so early here...the start of a new season.

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My lot is covered in them, especially plentiful in areas where I've done less digging. The seeds are spread around by immature plant has only one leaf, and will not produce a flower until it has two leaves. How long that takes, I'm not sure. When I first moved here ten years ago, all those single leaves popping up in the spring really bothered me, and I'd try to cover them up with wood mulch. Now I appreciate them for the native beauties they really are.
They disappear by summer.

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I've done alot of planting in the area where they are, which is baffling to me. In fact, they are growing around a viburnum I put in a couple years ago!!! Its at the very front of my woodland garden, and while I "neglected it" and stopped removing plants and weeds, I've def added to it.


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