native groundcover-japanese pachysandra vs. allegheny spurge

dkgarberApril 2, 2009

I need groundcover for shade. I prefer to go native, but need something deer resistant (I had chosen wintergreen,but my deer would decimate it). I read that native pachysandra is not atractive at all to deer-and that they almost detest it.

So, I was in a nursery yesterday and they had flats of generic "pachysandra" for very cheap. It wasn't glossy like Japanese pachysandra. I wondered if I could have found some native! (Its hard to find in my area). This isn't the kidn of place that would have any clue what I was talking about if I asked.

My question is, does all alien pachysandra have those glossy, waxy leaves???? I 'v tried to do a leave ID online, and its not totally obvious. I'd love to score a flat or two, but am not really keen on gwowing japanese spurge.


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coolplantsguy(z6 Ontario)

Pachysandra procumbens is the native form. It is clump-forming. The leaves are lighter green, with darker "blotches" in the spring; not glossy whatsoever, and ever so slightly fuzzy.

Pachysandra terminalis (Japanese Spurge) is the spreading, groundcover type. There are several varieties of this one, some of which are more or less glossy.

If you Google the botanical names you should have better luck with photos.

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