Climbing Ivy to grow up along my house?

ickysgirl70(4a)June 18, 2005

To those of you who are experienced with ivy, this will seem like a silly question...

I've been thinking about planting some ivy or vine to grow up along the south facing side of my house. My house does have vinyl siding and I know English Ivy can grow through the siding and into my walls. Is there a "safe", yet attractive ivy or vine perenial of some sort that will cover nicely without causing damage to my house and / or become invasive?

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CPeters(z5 Chicago)

Unfortunately I think that any plant that is strong enough to cling to vinyl siding is strong enough to get through it. Your best bet is probably to set up trellises or strings of some sort and let whatever you plant grow up that. I've had very good luck with hops on the front of my house, but they do need support to grow.

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Don't plant it on the South side of your house unless you live in the southern hemisphere. Ivy grows best on the North side. Only needs about 4 hours sunlight per day.

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