Where to get Catalpa tree?

toledogardenJuly 18, 2010


I really like the look of the Catalpa tree, and would like to plant one in my yard. Just can't seem to find anywhere to buy them. I know where a few are to possibly get seeds from, but that will take a while to get big, I would like to buy one at least a couple foot tall if possible.

Any ideas where I could find one??

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Hi! If you go to the arbor day foundation webpage you can purchase one for $9 that is 2-3', it's less expensive if you're a member around $6. Their website is: http://www.arborday.org/Shopping/Trees/TreeDetail.cfm?ID=130&trackingID=721

Good luck! It's a beautiful tree!

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I'm a little late in finding this spot. Catalpa trees are beautiful, but it's a love/hate relationship. Take a long time in spring to leaf out, flowers are sweet, heavily perfumed, then drop their blooms in kind of a mess, then the beans are a nuisance, and a lot of the seeds sprout in the most inopportune places. At the first hard frost, all of the leaves (and they are big) drop at once and blanket the whole ground. I do love my catalpas but they are a responsibility not to be taken lightly. I hope by now you've found an inexpensive source. They are worth the trouble for their longevity and lush shade.

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