Greene Acres

Steve Massachusetts Zone 5bJuly 15, 2012

The NEHS had its summer meeting and garden tours on Saturday. The highlight for me was seeing Steve Greene's Greene Acres garden. This could easily have been selected as a convention tour garden, it was that nice.

Steve, as you may know, publishes and sells the Hosta Finder, an indispensable reference of where to find almost any Hosta for sale in the US. He also runs a small nursery selling both Hosta and Daylilies from his home.

Steve's garden is packed with plants, huge specimens that have been growing for many years in their spots. Many of these are older cultivars, but were new to me. I know you will find them as beautiful as I did. Here's a couple of sample pics.

Deep Blue Sea

Click the link Greene Acres.


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Cher(6 SW OH)

Lovely setting and some beautiful mature Hosta there. Sure would be a treat to see this one in person. Thanks for the time to post these Steve.

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Ludi _PA_7a

Thank you Steve ! You have a great eye with the camera. Always exciting to view one of your slideshows.


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Steve, thanks for sharing. Noticed more Deep Blue Sea in gardens this weekend than I've ever seen before.


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beautiful thanks for sharing

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Whilst I cannot and do not hsve the sources to even attempt to replace the esteemed Mr. Greene's 'Hosta Finder', and will most likely not ever, I feel obligated to note that his undertaking, however much I use it, does not, and probably cannot, be the un-erring bible of where you and I can get that 'one-of-a-kind' Hosta we seek.

Steve, and others who read this, please understand my comments above about how I could not even closely approach this problem, and do not take my comments as belittling this wonderful and useful resource.

I want to, merely, note that if you are searching for a rare one, you may find, as I have so often, that the listed sources have often not a clue as to the fact that they once may have had it, yet alone currently have it for sale.

There's no other like Mr. Greene's listing of sources of Hosta's by sources, so, again, don't take my comments here as any sort of complaint.

Just know that this hobby has several problems, and don't fault those who are trying to fix it, such as the always worth the price 'Hosta Finder'



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paula_b_gardener 5b_ON(5b)

Thanks for posting!

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Thanks for the post

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Before I take a look at your slide show--I always get lost and forget what I'm doing--I want to make a comment about the shot with the train running through the flower bed.....

I see his wife kicked the model train out of the house and into the garden? :) Really a very good combination of two pastimes it seems, hosta growing and railroading. Which is the real remark of the post.

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Steve, that has to be named for the wife of Bob Seawright, who also hybridizes daylilies out there in Carlisle. What a beautiful rich color.

Then, I see from the slide show what is so special about LS Paisley Print. It is a KNOCKOUT!!! You do not know how much I appreciate seeing the hosta in a real garden situation, because there are NO gardens here which feature plantings of any hosta. Glamor shots are fine for individual plants but nothing compares to seeing the scale, the color, the way the plant is used, how it grows into maturity, and that's what your slide show makes available. Thanks. I'll have to slow it down so I can study each shot.

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Thanks for the comments. Moccasin, you are correct about the daylily. If you email Steve, I'm sure he'll sell you one. As for slowing down the slide show, hit the pause button on the bottom left and then advance the slides with your left arrow. Also you can put your browser on full screen. That's what I do with Paul's slide shows (who taught me how to do this and embed the links). Thanks, Paul.


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Nice. Thanks Steve. That Emerald Charger looks somewhere between Cathedral Windows and Adorable.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5


do you know.. does he have to take the train in for winter???

he once sent me a piece of OS golden circles and OS Frances Williams .. neither burned ... said it was from a nearby historical nursery ...


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Thanks for the tour. I was sorry to have missed this event. Any pictures from the other gardens? Robyn

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Gee, just typed a message, and when I hit preview it flat disappeared. What's going on here!!

Well, thanks for the idea of buying the hemerocallis 'Margret Seawright' from Steve Greene. Never thought of that option.
Daylilies really grow well here too.....I have a bunch of sead already collected from this year's blooms, itching to home-grow something, but none of the hosta are making any pods so far.

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b


I'm sorry you could not make it. The Tetreault garden was very nice with some large specimens, but nothing was labeled, and thus I didn't take any photos.

Nadine Proctor's property was just beautiful, but with the meeting, raffle and auction, I didn't get a chance to take many photos. I did get a few.

The Proctor Garden is situated in Northborough, MA with the Assabet River flowing through the back yard and an enormous ancient oak tree that provided enough shade for the entire NEHS meeting (about 40 people). Of the Assabet River, Nathanial Hawthorne once wrote, "A more lovely stream than this, for a mile above its junction with the Concord, has never flowed on earth." Here's a few pictures.

A few more photos.

Summer Music



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