Which vine to choose for my awning frame

BriariusJuly 6, 2011

I bought a home in 2010 and over the deck (about 12'x20') there is a frame for an awning. It's is made from metal. In fact, it is the same metal pipes that make up the fence posts in a chain link fence.

We contacted the awning company that put the frame in and they want over $2k for a new awning. My wife and I are looking for alternatives and we had thought of converting the awning frame to a frame for vines so we get the shade we want, but it's very earthy.

I am looking for a vine that will not end up being destructive to my gardens, lawn, or home. We already have a vine we are dealing with that is choking off the trees and has a complex root system under the yard. I also have been warned that vines can destroy a house and don't want that either. What are some suggestions?

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linda_schreiber(z5/6 MI)

For this year, as late in the season as it is, my suggestion on shade in this area is 'tarp and tie-downs' [sorry....]

Next year, with just a little bit of work adding more 'web-work' of wires or nylon/polyester strings, there are many clematis species that will grow fast enough to give you well-dappled shade in June and heavier shade by mid- July. [There are some other options, but these are the easiest.]

They will not be aggressive in the yard, and will not do any damage to walls or foundations. Some types will continue to put out new growth on the previous year's branches. Other types will die back, and start over each year. But they grow *fast*. You will want to do a little homework on these things, depending on whether you are looking for a 2 or 3 year fix, or a longer term planting, so you get the species that will work best for you.

What does the nasty vine you are currently dealing with look like? We are sort of 'neighbors', location-wise, and there are a a number of these that I have dealt with in the past. May be able to help.

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