Neighbor dog pooping on my lawn

Lisa_MI(z5 MI)July 22, 2002

My husband had an altercation (if you can call it that, considering my husband couldn't get one word in edgewise) with our neighbor this weekend over his dog pooping in our yard. Here's the story. I hope someone has some advice:

I'm living next to the low class neighbor from Redneckville. We've lived in our neighborhood of new homes for two years now. From day one, we've had problems with this guy allowing his two dogs to poop on our lawn. He's the type of guy who leaves his dead X-mas tree on his front lawn until early summer and dumps his grass clippings over the fence onto the property behind him.

Well, they eventually got rid of one dog and fenced in the back yard. But...we share a 15-foot wide strip of grass between our driveways in front, and the his wife continually lets the dog poop there instead of letting him out in the back yard. If she sees us coming around the corner she'll yell at the dog, but otherwise she let's him do his thing on our lawn.

My husband has been shoveling it back into their yard. This weekend as he was doing this, some of it landed on the neighbor's driveway, and my husband left it there. When the neighbor came home and saw the poop he went ballistic, claiming it wasn't from his dog, loudly spewing out profanities at my husband, threatening to call the police on him, and then threatening to beat his a#$#$. My husband couldn't even get one sentence in. I tried to get the guy to talk about the problem with us, but he would have nothing to do with it.

It's obvious the poop is from his was found 30 feet into our property right between our two garages - right where the dog usually goes. There are no strays in this neighborhood. This happened Friday night, and now I feel so uncomfortable living next to them. Does anyone have any ideas on how to deal with a problem like this? We plan to move next Spring, but until then what can I do?

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My Mom had the same problem. New neighbors, nice people, but the dalmation left calling cards in all the retirement village flower beds. Everyone tried every store bought and grandma's "pest away" remedy there was, but to no avail. Finally, she had to confront the people and thankfully, they were very apologetic. Even brought Mom over some chocolate chip cookies and ended up keeping the dog tied. Afterwards, I got to thinking.....I hope those were chocolate chips in them thar cookies. Needless, to say, the dog barks and howls constantly,now, because it's tied 24 7.

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taba(z5b MO)

I don't know that I'd really recommend this, but I know people who pick up the poop and put it on the owner's doorstep. Leave a friendly/funny notecard about how doggie is leaving gifts that aren't welcome. Sounds like it might be pointless (dangerous?) with your neighbor tho. I wonder if the animal control dept would be appropriate here? You might at least call them and see if they have suggestions since they deal with loose animals a lot.

Good luck. Hope you have better neighbors at your next home.

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Our local city ordinance requires people to clean up after their dog within, I think, 72 hours. If you have a similar ordinance, just call the city department that takes care of enforcement.

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Lisa_MI(z5 MI)

Thanks, all, for the advice.

Althea, good advice. I'll look into the local ordinance.

Taba, maybe I can get a photocopy of the ordinance and deliver it with the bag of goodies!

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To be honest, since your neighbor was so violent in his verbal assault of your husband, I would NOT leave the poop on his doorstep, with any kind of calling card.

Instead, and this may sound neurotic, but to verify to the jerk that it is actually his dog, try to get some video tape or photos of the dog doing it. Then you have proof for both the guy, and the cops. Problem solved.

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thecactuslady(6STLMO 631)

Hey there Lisa ... I agree 100% with RubyStar. That is the way to go. I will tell you a little story tho, and I IN NO WAY recommend that you or anyone do this. My fiance is sick and tired of his neighbors cat and dog doing it on his lawn. At first he put it on their door mat until he saw the man just kick it out of his way into the bushes. So, the next batch went between the storm door and the interior door. Again, kick it out of the way. Finally, he picked it up and threw it into their mini van when the windows were down. As far as we know, its all still in there as they never clean out their vehicles. The guys pets are still out roaming and doing their business wherever and whenever. He sometimes keeps the dog tied out in the back yard. He normally just sweeps the poops underneath their deck. There is a huge pile of under there and the smell is awful. Towards the end of the summer, he will buy some bags of mulch and throw it over the pile. This guy ... he was once our alderman! So Grooooss! Cyndi

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pondwelr(z5 WI)

Agree you should take pix, and be obvious about it too. It may involve some constant watching on your part.

I have a neighbor who walks his dog after dark. Said dog always poops by my mailbox. Now I go out right before dark and shovel the poop unto the sidewalk. After three evenings of negotiating his pets bms, he started carrying a plastic baggie. He knows I am watching.

The other option is to spring for a temporary fence in your shared area.

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Rental property next door and it seems to always attract someone with dog(s) who feel free to mess up my yard. I spoke with one family - yeah, yeah, we'll pick it up, so sorry, etc. After awhile I decided to take action - and I am probably an evil person - but I shoveled back into their yard right where their children ran around the side of the house. About two trips through the doo-doo solved the problem. Of course, they moved and the next ones were worse - rottweiler - since it is randomly dropped in my yard, it is randomly tossed back into their yard. Lovely family living there now - one dog and they pick it up!! We have laws but the animal control people have to see the said act and on and on and on. Piegirl

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your neighborhood association or city should have an ordinance against dog litter. Our city charges $100 fine.
Here is a good retailation trick...put the poop in a paper bag. put the bag on the offenders porch at night. light the paper bag on fire and ring their doorbell and run! When they open the door & see the small flame, they will stamp on the bag with the poop inside. HA!

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Baumer(z5 Ia)

I can't understand why people gets dogs and not take of them. We have four viszlas. We raise them have 3 kennels.Each walked every day-or let to run on OUR property.Our neighbor has turned over wheel barrel for dog house. Before walks-they are to poop on our lawn. No poop no walks. And if they do on the way get shovel and bring it home. You go by some kennels,poop everyplace,no water,no food. Heck my Fat Freddy has kids swimming pool to kool his behind. Oh my neighbor has horse now. You think a dog poops.

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Violet_Skies_(5b S.Central WI)

I know this is an old post, but it is a constant problem.

I have two dogs that are only allowed to poop in our fenced yard, and the have to poop right before walks. On walks, they squat on grass to pee if they need to.

My problem is people who walk their dogs by my house and let them stop and lift their legs and pee on our mailbox post. I have tried to grow every type of flowers there, but the urine burns and kills everything.

So far my attempt to stop them from doing that is to shout loudly from my house, PLEASE DON'T LET YOUR DOG PEE ON MY FLOWERS, IT KILLS THEM. THANK YOU! and if they ignore me, as they frequently do, I keep repeating it even louder to try to draw attention and embarrass them.

I don't know what I can do other than follow them home and find out who they are, and take pictures, but I live in a semirural area and enforcement of stuff like this is nonexistent.

Anyone here have this problem, and if so, what did you do? I am so sick of people being so RUDE and carelessly disregarding other people's property. :-(

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lucymay6(Winchester, MA 01890)

I live on a slightly busy corner, on the way to a park, very popular with dogs, so I have to deal with this a lot. I myself am an avid dog-lover, and it makes me angry when people are so irresponsible. The other night I was taking my trash to the curb after dark, in my slippers, when I stepped in a big pile. I didn't notice until I had tracked it all through my house and finally realized what the smell was. (at first I thought that my dog had just had some gas) After an hour of obsessively scrubbing my floors and spraying off my slippers with the hose, I was faced with the challenge of calming down enough to get to sleep. I decided that I have had enough, no more Ms nice guy, I am going to put up... a sign!

So I think it'll say the following:

Please be neighborly and kind... Pick up what your dog leaves behind.

or maybe...

We love dogs as much as you... but please pick up if they should poo

What do you think????

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weaserbug(z5 IA)

lucymay, cute ideas for signs. Hope they work for you.

I wouldn't want to work at the photo shop where you all will be bringing those special 'pet' pictures; especially the close up shots. :-)
~Louise in Iowa

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Tern(z4 MN)

Violet Skies, I have a neighbor who has solved this problem by putting a sign up that says "give the plants a chance; please don't let your dog stop here." I think a lot of people, even those who are very careful about picking up after their dogs, don't realize that the dog's urine is damaging.

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FYI- Pinetree Garden Seeds sells a sign for $3.95, It is 8" x 10" weather resistant ( It is white and shows a dog squatting with a red line thru it. I'm sure other places sell this too, but this is the first I've seen. I haven't bought it yet, but I have been tempted to put one of those plastic bag dispenser like they have in parks.
On another note, I heard a story of someone who bagged up all the doo-doo and put it on the hood of their car on a hot day (problem solved).
It guess it all depends on how assertive you feel you need to be to make your point.

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debgrow(Z5 Chicago)

Two suggestions - a sign (one that I'm actually considering for my own front yard garden) that says "I wouldn't think of relieving myself on your treasures - please don't let your dog do it on mine".

Another suggestion - go to your local garden center and find some animal repellant spray or pellets - read the label to be sure they work for dogs.

I don't think I'd invest a whole lot of time and money taking and developing pictures in order to escalate the debate - he doesn't sound like a reasonable person, so you're not likely to be successful with reason (that's not my dog in those pictures), etc. And you just don't know what he's likely to do in response to his anger. Could be dangerous.

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It's nice when a small sign is all it takes to get the point across and get you some courteous behavior. However, some people's skulls are a little to thick for that to work.

It might be dangerous, but I like the idea of returning the presents on their car on a hot day... Reminds me of a story from my mom's childhood. I don't know why they pulled this prank, but they took one of these contributions and placed it in a brown paper bag. Closed the bag, put it on a neighbors front step, lit it on fire, rang the doorbell, and ran like he11.

Anyway, for thoroughfare yards, where the dog may not be from the neighborhood, one of those water sprinklers on a motion detector might do the trick.

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huffy1(z6A MO)

People whom let their dogs do the nasty normaly aren't in the least bit concerned with your yard or flowers. They never read signs, listen to pleas. Treat them accordingly after thefirst attempt.

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petrowizard(z5a NE IL)

Sorry, I have to join in here regarding signs. I have a neighbor with a very large dog. The head of the dog comes to my chest. It's a nice old dog, not terribly aggressive. The neighbor never walks the dog on a leash, just let's it trail along behind her. The dog of course, tends to wander into front lawns and squats, usually a quart jar worth of urine, it's a big dog. The owner carries a plastic bag, presumably to pick up after the dog, but I have never seen her use it, and since the dog is usually 100 feet behind the owner, I wonder how she would know if there was anything that needed to be picked up. I have also seen this neighbor put the dog out at night unattended to do it's business. I have caught the dog leaving it's very large calling cards in my back yard. This same neighbor also turned her cats out in the summer, with apparently no concern for the place which the cats chose to use as a litter box. They wandered the neighborhood and I am sure went where they wished, since they were not allowed back in the house until fall. Last fall, this neighbor posted a sign on her parkway strip stating "Kindly pick up your dog poop, children at play." This spring one of those squatting dog signs appeared in her parkway. I have a very difficult time paying any attention to that particular sign when I walk my dog.

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gardeninggrrl(z5 IL)

I have to ask, do people really think those signs help? I'd think that those irresponsible enough to not clean up after their dogs won't care what kind of signs people put up.......and I have to say, it's a little jarring to be walking around the neighborhood on a quiet morning and on every tree (on some blocks) to see sign after sign of "Your dog is nice but pick up his crap" or some variation thereof.

I dunno, I can't claim to understand the psychology of people, but I always pick up after my dog, signs or no signs. I understand the frustration involved here - heck, I find dog poo on my front lawn - just saying that I too don't think that the clueless idiots take any notice of signs and such.

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I've been watching this guy every morning walking his poodle. Almost everyday, I find poop somewhere in my yard, in my driveway or on the sidewalk. We live right by the elementary and middle schools. The neighborhood kids walk this way everyday to school. I've been trying to figure out where he lives, finally, last week, found him...just up the street. I've been telling my other neighbors that also have dogs, that once I found him...he's going to see what a real dog 90 pound lab has a present for him.....think that may stop the problem? By the way, I love the second sign saying.....or maybe the old standby...Here lies the last dog that pooped in my yard.....

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vmperkins(z5 central IL)

I find it both hard and easy to believe that so many people have the same problem. I do too. How can so many people be so rude?

My neighbor lets his dog go anywhere she wants, and since she is old and arthritic, she goes all over my lawn, and it is usually bloody diarrhea. I am so sick of running over it with the lawn mower. I haven't found anything that works. These neighbors are very hostile and have obviously been spreading tales to some of the other neighbors, because 5 of them have stopped talking to me. So I am looking into a fence, which will be expensive, but I figure will cost less than the stroke or heart attack I am heading for if I continue to deal with others' dogs' crap. And less than selling the house that I have only been in one year.


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I decided to check into this problem because recently a neighbour attempted to let his large dog pee on the planter my husband built on our boulevard. Our yard is cut by a sidewalk, but we tried to enhance the area by placing nice plants on both sides of the yard. In this case, the man was just about to let his dog pee on the planter when I asked him to stop and thanked him when he did. I was being polite but still he gave me a nasty look... as if he was insulted that I should dare ask him to stop. Beyond the world of dogs, don't these people understand that pee can be very damaging to plants and to children. Young children wouldn't be able to walk on grass anymore because who knows what parasites they can pick up from animal defecation. (Heartworm for one)

I imagine the dog tried to mark it's territory by peeing -- are there suggestions to mask this odour to prevent other dogs from doing the same? Are there some plants that emit odours that dogs will hate? I'm thinking mint.


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vmperkins(z5 central IL)

I can understand not wanting your planter to be ruined by pee, but be assured that dog pee is not very dangerous, except to plants, which it can burn. It carries very few health risks for anyone who is not a dog. And it definitely does not carry heartworm. In fact, heartworm needs a vector in order to be passed along, and then, it is only transmissible to other dogs.

Anyway, it is very hard to fool a dog's nose. You could try one of the enzymatic digesters such as odor mute to get rid of the smell, but I'm afraid that most male dogs will pee on any upright, even if it does not smell of another dog's pee.

One thing you could try if the plants are being burned by dog pee is to put some concentrated source of carbohydrate, such as sugar, on the spot. It helps the soil organisms digest the excess nitrogen in the pee. But I'm not sure that would do any good for containers; it depends on how biologically active the soil in the containers is. A lot of water to dilute the pee also works just fine.

If it is any consolation, many times when dogs lift their legs, they are only letting out a few drops. Their first pee is copious, but after that they are only scent marking.


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Try this thing, it will not harm the dogs, will teach them real fast not to come in your yard, and is easy to use. This catalog also has some citronella dohickys to tie onto bushes that are supposed to repel dogs.

My neighbor in Detroit many years ago would pick up the huge poops from the dog down the street onto his shovel and then loudly drag the shovel on the sidewalk all the way to the dog's house and leave it there.

Nowadays more folks have guns, so be careful who you alienate!

Here is a link that might be useful: Motion detector sprayer

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Here's my problem: neighbor next door is a pig...he has no grass on his lawn(he's been doing his own landscaping for over 2 years) so his dog poops on my lawn or on the neighbor's lawn on the other side. I confronted him about this when he first moved in and he said he'd clean it up. He did. A while had passed before I saw the dog poop on my lawn one morning. I put a note on his car window. When i came home for lunch his car was gone and the poop was still there. I shoveled it on his ungrassed lawn. He came to my door about 10 minutes after he got home. He banged on my door and chewed me out. I then chewed him out. He claimed his dog doesn't poop on my lawn and that it's somebody else's dog who walks around at 5a. He said even when his dog doesn't poop and it's somebody else's dog he cleans it up. Well, I hadn't had the problem in a while. However, I SAW the dog with my own eyes poop on my lawn, this after months prior he told me his dog doesn't do that. THE NERVE OF THIS GUY!!! I told him he'd better pick it up. He did. Well, the other day there was poop again and no one saw anything. I asked the guys kids and they claim it wasn't their dog. So now it's a he said she said type deal. I DESPISE INCONSIDERATE PEOPLE LIKE THIS. So, I am going to go talk with him ASAP. If that doesn't work I am going to take pictures and call my councilman. I have used my councilman's assistants who have been extremely helpful with other issues with a different neighbor. In the meantime, he is in clear violation of my cities municipal code but the city says they need proof. Here's the kicker: on top of all this, this guy is a cop for the city I live in!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

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Amazing how people are fighting over animal poop. I have animal in my yard all the time. I have over an acre though so it does not bother me .
If you want to really stop them. Get an empty jug of antifreeze and put water in it. Let the naighbor see you pouring this when the pocch and him or her is out. They will get the hint and even if the dog gets to it he will be ok.
It should scare the neighbor really good.

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If it was a constant problem, I would probably call animal control and log a complaint. We have laws against dogs being at large that are not under voice command of the owner. They can be fined for having the dog off the leash or animal control can come pick the dog up. Then the owner has to pay the fine to get the dog back. Just a thought.

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I certianly feel the same anger about people violating my space with their selfeshness. I have to say, reading these messages has done one thing for me - made me feel less isolated in my anger. What really bothers me is, that these neighbors vilify ME, when I am the one being violated. Still, being around a lot seems to help (we just came back from 2 weeks in Rhode Island to find the neighbors taking full advantage of our absence - but none since we have returned). I really would like to find some magic potion to just make the dogs not want to poop in my yard. I will try the link Nancy in Michigan suggested.

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My neighbor actually trained his dog to do his business in our yard. When I asked him about he said - oh he's just marking his territory...
The dog did not have long for this world - so I didn't push it - I figured that the previous person who lived in my home didn't care and the old dog was not about to re-learn now.
Listen to the same scenario that happened to the same jerky neighbor. There was a small boy running down the street after his dog that had obviously broke its lead and the boy was trying to catch it. The dog stopped on this neighbors lawn and did his business.
The neighbor raised holy hell and really let the kid have it about the dog going on his grass. The boy was crying the neighbor yelled at him so much. You think he would have been a good samaritan and helped the boy catch the dog. (This incident all took place at the same time he was letting their dog doody all over my property.)
That what gets me about some of these people who don't clean up after their dogs. They wouldn't like it someone else's came by and did their business on their property. But if their dog does it - it is a different story. They are special - rules do not apply to them.

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gayle0000(zone 5-Normal IL)

I used to have a problem with this too and the problem is now fixed. Took 1 year. I live on a corner lot...what is it about the corner they think the side of the house is okay because it's not the "front"??? Anyway...quiet neighborhood, lots of kids, lots of bike riders and walkers, everybody knows everybody. I am really a nice, friendly person, really take care of our home & gardens, and am very clean. However....

I'm always out in the lawn to begin with, and used to find dog crap in my grass on a daily basis. Last year, every single time, no matter what, I stopped what I was doing and moved that dog crap right into my own sidewalk, and left it there. I made sure I spread it out evenly througout both sides of our lot, so everybody who walked on our sidewalk had to continually step over and around the crap. I left that stuff there all summer. Flies all over it. You could see the crap from a house away. Kids started complaining because they're riding their bikes through it. You could see the walkers losing their stride on our sidewalk because they have to step around it. It was disgusting, but I didn't care because I was so mad.

In chit-chatting with neighbors or people walking by, I would bring up the dog crap conversation on my own. I'd discuss this as follows:
"Look at this...I can't keep up with it...If you ever see anyone not clean up, I'd appreciate you help out by saying something."
"Look at this...I'd clean it up, but we don't have dogs...why are people so irresponsible? I keep watching to catch them, but I'm not home enough"
"I know it's disgusting...maybe it's the corner lot...I'm trying to find out who's doing this."

I basically portrayed myself as a victim, and it worked.

This year, I think I've found maybe 2 piles of dog crap all season. I got the word out. Neighbors talk to each other, and they knew I was looking for the culprit. Even my next door neighbor started getting more aggressive because they were afraid their sidewalk would get that way too. It worked. Still don't know who the culprit(s) was, but I bet they heard I was seeking them out.

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tralynro(Mtl, QC, Canada)

I've happened upon this page while looking for a solution to this very problem.

I am a dog owner and my dog poops in MY fenced yard. If I walk him, I bring a bag and will pick it up and deposit it in the nearest trash bin. My neighbor apparently, does not do this.

I recently bought a new car (about a month ago) which has a beige interior including the floor mats. I always back my car into my driveway and I have discovered twice, a gift right where I would stand to get something out of my trunk. The first time, I picked it up somewhat annoyed and wondering which dog had done this. This morning I found another lovely gift..... and that's why I am here. I was so angry!!! Thankfully, I now know to watch where I step to avoid tracking poop onto my brand new beige mats!! Problem is that my driveway is gravel with some grass growing through so you don't notice it as you would on a paved driveway.

Now my first approach would be to talk to the neighbor.... but I don't know who it is. I have never seen the dog do it and I am sure I never will. My guess is that the dog is doing it's business after I leave for work in the morning. I'm guessing this because I can't see a dog wanting to crouch down so close to the back of my car.

And of course, even when you know who it is, you have the problem of "that's not my dog." The only way is to catch the dog in the act and hopefully bring the neighbor's attention to it while it's still in the act.

The best solution in my opinion (especially when you don't know who's doing it) is to do something to turn the away from your property. A friend mentioned hot/warm water - NOT HOT ENOUGH TO BURN THE DOG!!! If you catch it in the act, throw the hot/warm water on it. Do this a couple of times and the dog should be too afraid to come back. This solution would not work for me (as I have never caught it)but another is citronella.... dogs apparently don't like this either.... spray some around. Another thing is moth-balls. I used this once in my back yard. I had some patches of new grass and I had the neighborhood cats burrying their dootie in the fresh dirt. Sprinkle some moth balls around and they will stay away. This won't hurt your grass or plants. Of course it looks like you've had a major hail storm in your yard. And the rainier it is, the more often you have to put them until the animals stop but it does work.

Any other home remedy deterrants out there? I would be happy to hear!


P.S. Please remember, it is the animal who is pooping on your property but they are doing it because they have an irresponsible parent/owner/master. Don't do something that will hurt the dogs!

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ahughes798(z5 IL)

A .22 would work pretty well.......

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tralynro(Mtl, QC, Canada)

Ya..... on the owner and then adopt the dog and teach it where not to poop.

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My brother had a friend with this problem. He would be sitting at his kitchen table, enjoying his morning paper and cup of coffee and lo and behold, looking out his picture window, is the neighbors dog in his yard taking a poo. The friend tried many times to talk to the neighbors and got nowhere quickly. So, one morning, enough was enough, he was over the edge angry. He took his cup of coffee and morning paper and walked next door to the neighbors yard. He dropped his pants, squat and did his utmost while reading his paper and drinking his coffee. When he was done he casually strolled back to his yard. The neighbors saw this as they had been sitting in their kitchen enjoying morning coffee as well. Needless to say, it never happened again, dog or friend pooing on either lawns.


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Our neighbors placed a large bowl of that green Kool Aid on the grass by the street and placed an anti-freeze container next to it (rinsed out and filled with water). One evening we heard a scream and then people yelling at our neighbor for "killing their dog." Our neighbor left the Kool Aid bowl on the grass and put up a sign that said "If your dog or cat are off the leash they might drink this." The next day the police were over there with neighbors from all over the neighborhood who were blaming him for killing their roaming animals. The police took a sample of the Kool Aid and treated the whole thing like several crimes were committed. The cases were dropped after the neighbor explained to the judge why he did it. The judge asked him not to do this anymore but to take pictures if he could and then file police reports on the dogs and cats off the leash. What a big headache.

This neighbor raised enough ruckus that police cars started patroling the neighborhood and wrote tickets for animals off the leash.


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You might want to try sprinkling hot red pepper flakes in the dogs favorite pooping spot..or spots. I read this suggestion on another garden forum a while back regarding stray cats. At the time, we had a few who had made our deck their home. Since we have a little pooch, I did not want her to have to contend with feral cats when she went out to potty (in our yard, which was fenced, which we would pick up regularly..LOL!). Amazingly enough, we only had to sprinkle once or twice, and they never came back, for the 2 additional years that we lived there. It may not work the same for dogs...but it's worth a try. Also, if you actually SEE the dog pooping, keep a metal can filled halfway with pennies on hand. Shake it really hard. Most dogs hate the sound, and will pretty much do what they can to avoid hearing it again.

    Bookmark   October 9, 2003 at 4:12PM
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I have a bad rental next to my house. Usually every renter has a dog - or two and big. One dog took my side yard and part of the front section. Talking didn't work, yeah we'll get to it, etc. Animal control didn't work. So I scooped the poop(s) and tossed them on the pathway where their children ran around the corner of the house. Other times I'd just randomly toss the stuff back in their yard. Pretty soon the kids would run through the stuff, track it on the porch, etc. Probably makes me an evil person but it worked. And about every other day, they picked up the stuff. Eventually the dog was put in the backyard. Piegirl

    Bookmark   October 24, 2003 at 2:33PM
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I also have this problem. I don't have a dog, yet I end up cleaning up a lot of dog poop. I had a dog as a kid and when I took my dog for a walk, she pooped in the street and then I cleaned it up. I never thought that having her go in someone's yard was an option. Even if you pick up the poop,there is still some that remains on the grass. This would be ok if I didn't have kids. I have 5 kids and you know Murphey's Law....I can't count the number of times they've stepped in dog poop remnants and tracked it into the house. Maybe I'm a prude, but why do people presume it's ok to use someone else's yard as a place for their dog to poop. Most clean it up, unless the dog has diarrhea, then I'm stuck with the mess. Our neighbor's told us this story when we moved in: "oh, we just let our dog poop in your yard after the people who lived there before you moved out because we didn't like them". (Our house was vacant 6 months before we moved in, so the dog got into the habit of pooping in our yard instead of her own.) How dumb is that? I guess they figured they either wouldn't have new neighbors or that they wouldn't like them. I've been flinging the poop back into their yard and my husband has also put the poop on their doorstep without success. Either one of these methods means I'm still cleaning up poop, yuk! I hated that job when it was my dog. I've spoken to them and at the time they are very apologetic and promise to send one of their children to clean it up. That never happens and the dog con't to go on my yard. We have the kind of neighborhood that makes it hard for me to call the authorities. We get along as neighbors, but this dog thing is driving me nuts! Is there anything I can plant to deter dogs? How about the dog repellant granules; do they work? My husband wasn't a fan of the motion sprinkler, but I liked the idea. I would appreciate any advice.

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iowa_jade(C 5b H 6)

I am surprised no one called me to task with my post in "Fellow Midwesterner here with neighbor problems, need to vent." Goodness, I love to irritate that person, and I use that term loosely!

As far as the dog poop problem, Jen has it right. Just call Animal Control. A few fines should help.

"Junk Yard Dog" got loose 2 years ago and was chasing down our neighbors 3 year old daughter. She was screaming and running, bad thing to do with a predator. DW grabbed the girl-tucked & rolled. I went for the dog and stuck the back of my left hand against his nose. It is a non threatening gesture and would give him, worse comes to worse, something to chew on other than my neck. I tried to grab his collar, but the dog bolted. We called animal control and the dog has not got loose since then.

The dog's owner got a varience for his wood burning furnace.

Now we all smell like-we be sittin too near der campfire.

One of our friends put a add in the paper: "Free Firewood" and gave the dog owner's address. He keeps it stacked in his front yard. Yeah! Adds a certain ambiance. There were several "takers!" HDHHH! ROFLOL!

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marcy345(6 WA)

I've heard that putting a milk jug of water on both sides of the opening to your yard will keep dogs out. Something to do with the smell of water and plastic they don't like.

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WIFrank(SE WI z5)

Two words....cheese and exlax!

Put two exlax pills in a piece of american cheese where the dogs usually use the facilities in your yard. The dogs eat the cheese and exlax and don't make it to your yard the next time. Not only will the dogs leave their mark in their owners house, but the neighbors will figure it's something they are eating and keep them in their yard to watch them to make sure they're not eating something part is that there's no way you will get caught...problem solved!

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I have enjoyed reading this thread...amazing how long it has been going. Since no one has offered my solution, I'll be brave and admit to an unusual practice. It all began when my neighbor's pack of five dogs (one of theme quite vicious)made a trail through my garden. I didn't mind so much that they tampled a few plants, since they kept the trail narrow. But what I really hated was their habit of "marking" my vegetables. One day, I had a desperate idea. Have you seen the movie "Never Cry Wolf"? It is based on the book of that name, by Farley Mowat, who studied wolves in the Arctic. Seems they ranged too close for comfort, so Farley "marked" his own territory. It worked. Not being male, I used the expedient of a mason jar, laid a trail along the edge of my garden, and to my surprise, it worked. The dogs detoured around my garden. As one of them was so vicious that I carried my .22 rifle to the garden for self defense, I decided to attempt to reroute them out of my yard. Pouring an invisible fence along both the west and south boundaries of my property, I effectively blocked their path and they stayed out of my yard altogether. I have used the technique successfully several times. My own dog keeps crossing the road to play with the neighbor's children? (Don't mind the kids--just don't want the dog squashed by a car.) A simple strip across the end of the driveway: dog stays home. Neighbor's adult kids come for the weekend and thier year-old, happy, bouncy, large mutt thinks it is his duty to chase me out of my yard? Don't blame the dog, just show him the boundary with the discrete use of a watering can. End of problem. People can be very hard to train. It seems dogs have more sense. I have used the technique to train my puppy not to leave my yard. Eight dogs and hasn't failed yet.

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wonder if this would keep cats from using the beds as a litter box also??

Great idea!! I'm going to use it across my rear entrance from alley to yard - I have major hedges with 2 openings and dogs keep finding their way in and doing their business in my yard... how often do you have to "refresh" the boundary??

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marcy345(6 WA)

You beat me to asking about cats! My nutered cat has cat friends and one of them is coming through the cat door and helping himself to food. If I could mark my territory and keep him and others out I would be amazed and grateful.

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Can't say about cats. It's worth a harm done if it doesn't work. As to how often to "refresh" your invisible fence, I'v been amazed to realize it only takes once. With the dog pack, I renewed weekly for two or three weeks, then again after a rain. Then I forgot about it, but never had more trouble. For my neighbor's bouncy pooch, I do it once in the spring when summer visiting starts. I only did Mom's driveway once for my dog. She seemed to remember on later visits, and didn't cross the road, even though I didn't mark it again. Mom had a problem with a neighbor's dog--friendly mutt, but she left daily calling cards. Observing that like my dog, this one used the driveway as a path, I marked the end of her driveway. Not only did the dog stay out of Mom's yard, she stayed out of the road too! You may have figured out we are in the country, where there are no leash laws and a lot of tolerance for farm dogs and our neighbor's pets. It seems logical that it would work for the gaps in your hedge. Let me know how it works out.

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iowgardenangel(zn5 IA)

well how about this, steves horse friends BRING their dogs withthem and allow them to run all over my yard and flowers, now i say if your going riding you DONT have time to watch your dog so i posted a sign YOU ARE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO MY FLOWERS BY YOUR DOG IF YOU CANT WATCH IT DONT BRING IT !! THANK YOU. one $40 yellow peony and they think twice......

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raven1(z6 TN)

I live in a largely rural area and have had problems with a few of my neighbor's wandering pets using my front yard. My dogs are kept in the backyard inside an electric fence, not the underground kind, but the kind used for cattle/horses. I have found that running a single-line extension about a foot off the ground down the side of my front yard for a couple of weeks works wonders. About once a year the dog next door needs a "refresher" course, but other than that, most dogs go completely around my yard. It is relatively inexpensive and I paint the rebar posts black and use black insulators to cut down on its visibility.

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My problem isn't my neighbors dogs coming into my yard to do their business-it's what they do in their own that drives me crazy. They always have at least 2 dogs and in 17 years I've never seen them walked once. They have 3 kids and grandkids living there and they all just let the dogs out into the backyard to play and poop. They don't use the yard themselves so it has become the dogs private toilet. The grass doesn't get mowed and the poop doesn't get cleaned up. You can imagine what I can smell when I'm outside trying to enjoy my own backyard on a warm summer day. The police have visited them many times to no avail-they are too ignorant to get it or don't care. And the one time I tried to talk to them, I later came home to find my patio furniture busted and my landscape lighting pulled out of the ground. It's gotten to the point that I can't use my deck on certain days, because of the pigs next door.

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jasmine_il(z5 IL)


I thought I'd be the millionth person to post on the topic.

I also live in a rural area and my neighbor has 3 dalmations. He takes one or all for walks in the area and they are not on leashes. He doesn't carry a bag for poop, and they either trail behind him or ahead of him by a property or two.
My other neighbors complain about this man and his dogs.
We first moved here two years ago, and it infuriated me when I first noticed it. He always seemed to be entering his driveway a few lots down from mine, and his dog was still in my front lawn or back yard doing its duty.
We put a wire fence around the backyard, so the invasions there have stopped. The dogs use to run through the property next to us and all over our back yard. We now have our dog out there, so it serves two purposes. Ours in, his out. His dogs still invade the front yard. I usually walk out when I see him or his dogs coming, or I stand in my front window until he's gone. He usually is nosy and likes to look around, so he can't miss me standing there.
Last year, he was out and I ran out to chase the pooping dog out of my yard and he made a commnent that his dog wasn't mean. I think his dogs seems nice/friendly although I'm not going to test it out, but I think he is rude to let them run on my yard. They obviously don't respond to his commands. When I walk my dog, I take a bag, and he's on a leash, even though he listens well.
I thought about spraying the dog with the hose. We're on a well, so there's not a ton of pressure. Maybe I should consider spraying the neighbor instead.
I've seriously thought about carrying the shovel of poop down the street, but it happens to often.

=) sigh...

I like the dog poop sidewalk story... maybe I'll make a collection for the neighbor and then line it up at the end of his driveway.

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Has anyone thought about using a hedge fence as a deterrent?
In my case I cannot install any fence along my front yard due to homeowner association rules, but I can plant hedge plants around it that are about two feet tall (most dogs will not try jumping over it).

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OK lots of stories but what do people do to DETER the dogs? I have an anonymous dog who comes and does its thing when we are not around or at night. Again signs dont help because the owner probably lets the dog out at night off leash. So how to deter the animal from choosing MY gravel path???

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joepyeweed(5b IL)

this may not work for a one time offender but it does work for neighbors and dog walkers. dont pick up the poo but place a colorful paper cocktail umbrella in each pile. your neighbors and walkers will get the hint especially when there is several decorative umbrellas spread along the property line. remember its not a bad dog - its a bad owner.

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I support the Antifreeze and/or 22 Theory but you'll have much more dramatic results with a AK-47 sporting a 40 round Banana Clip

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I posted here last year aobut a similar problem.

Last year just before Christmas, I was home for a week due to some minor surgery. I hadn't been out of my house in 4 days, and when I finally did, I was *blessed* with an astounding amount of dog presents.

Being under the weather and MAD AS HELLo, it was time to take action. I carefylly placed the sizable turd assortment on the sidealk in two different spots ( I live on the corner) and used sidewalk chalk to leave a message for owners to please pick up after their dogs. I also left an overturned recycling bin on the sidewalk so that people would stop, read the message, get my point, and not actually step in anything. I was only going to leave it up for a day or two to get my point across.

The first night, my doorbell rang. A guy with a Big A$$ Chow is standing there.

"Are you the owner"

"Why yes I am"

"I don't think it's fair for your to punish all the dog owners for the actions of a few. I would have been really pissed if I had stepped in it"

boy, was this the wrong thing to say...I wasn't in the mood for such thoughtful insight....

"I don't give a Flying F*** what you think!!!! How f*** do you think I feel?!!!! Every time I cut my freakin' grass, I step in freakin' dog shi* and I don't even have a freakin' dog!!!"

"But, I still don't think it's fair..."

"I don't give a Flying F*** what you think!!!! If you don't like it, too freakin bad!!! I guess you'll have to walk on the other side of the freakin' street for awhile!!!!"

Anyway, my little rant continued for at least 5 minutes. This guy just didn't "get" the idea that showing up on my doorstep with a big freakin' dog was not the most brilliant idea. I went embarassingly totally redneck on this guy here in the middle of Yupster Dinkville. Although I had only planned to leave it for a day or two, I couldn't let this guy think he's won; I had to leave it there for a week.

Anyway, in the past year, the turd population has dropped significantly. I'm tolerant enough to deal with bomb or two, but God help the owner I catch in the act.

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

I used to hit the roof whenever I found dog doo & cat doo in my garden.

I started to follow the soil, compost & mulch forum recently. It seems that many people compost their pets' poo.

Soooo....I started to walk around with a trowel or spade and turn under whatever doo I found.

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This topic makes my hair stand on end. We are pet lovers, have dog, birds, hampster and iguana..Our dog, an English Mastiff, goes in the yard, and nightly taken to the woods..
When I first started my perrenial garden, I just got through planting seed and small annuals, and my neighbor across the street, who walked her dog daily, w/o a leash, just stood their watching her dog as he/she pee'd on my new plants. I was so p1ssed. As time went by her dog aged and died, and now they have a cat, who comes here, and stalks birds. We have feeders, and I keep finding dead birds, parts of bodies/feathers in my yard. I don't know if this lady is dense or what, but it irks me that she's so irresponsible..and she's the treasury of our community. So I know mentally she's not ignorant..or is she? I want to confront her about her pet/s.
I agree w/those who ask, do we really think these ppl are going to read signs? No way, they don't care. I bought a spray, harmless to pets, but has hot pepper and will spray my plants next spring. Toni

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judeth_ann(Z8 PNW)

Get a "slingshot" and when you see a dog doing it's business on your lawn, let fly, owner there or not. A few "pings" and they go somewhere else. You wouldn't believe how many folks let their dogs pee on the "green group mail boxes" and get the bottom boxes and locks wet. Many times, I've had to watch where I step when I get out of the vehicle and shovel a pile of dog mess out of the way before I can put the mail in the compartments. I carry a small shovel in a plastic bag.

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lynne_melb(z9b Melb FL)

Hi, as a dog owner, I am appalled that there are so many inconsiderate owners. Even some very nice neighbors of mine see no problem with letting their dogs urinate on my mailbox post as they are talking to me. Strange but true.
I am taking a different approach to this. Your next door neighbor is obviously very hostile. There's a possibility of actions escalating if you follow the flinging or depositing the poop scenarios. I vote for trying the repellants. You will need to do something when you have the house up for sale. Is there a way that you can plant something with thorns in the area? Say holly or a hardy cactus. Not the time of year to plant roses. Good luck.

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This just happened to me. A neighbor kept walking her dog and deliberately bringing it over to poop on my lawn. She goes out of her way to do this, I suppose because it "works," the dog seems to like it. Last night I politely asked her not to allow her dog to poop on my lawn, and all I got was defiance. I won't bore you with the details, but I was nice about it and all she did was was give me attitude. Made my blood boil, but I didn't let myself descend to her level. Her parting words... she couldn't promise she wouldn't let her dog poop in my yard, and that if I wanted to "call somebody", to go ahead. Presumably she was referring to the police.

Almost grosser than the dog mess is having a neighbor like this. I can never understand why people are so nasty.

Thanks, I just had to vent. The dog mess problem may or may not be resolved (too early to know), but the repulsive neighbor is there to stay.

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I printed a flyer and distributed in the neighborhood. The flyer stated something like "OUR YARD IS TREATED FOR RACOON AND ANIMAL CONTROL YEAR ROUND. THIS TREATMENT ALSO KILLS CATS AND DOGS. PLEASE BE A RESPONSIBLE OWNER AND KEEP YOUR PETS AWAY FROM OUR YARD" Purposely leave the address of your property blank. The flyer will costs less than $5. Everybody in the neighborhood will get the message, will not know who distributed the flyer and peeing/pooping problem solve. May have to distribute flyer 2 times. Problem solve forever.

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suemendoza, thank you so much. I think your flyer is the answer to my problem. Being new in the neighborhood, not wanting to start off having problems with the neighbors, who don't mine offending me. I think this is a wonderful solution to every neighborhood with similiar problems. Thanks for posting. Joyce

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I'm having trouble with a nasty neighbor that insists on using our yard for their dog's toilet, repeatedly. It is common place for them to stand in front of our home(and neighboring houses)with their leashed dog, allowing the dog to deficate, urinate (on trees and costly plants), and meander around for minutes at a time. I get the feeling that they do not want to mess their yard, so they mess all the neighboring yards instead. Once the father just stood there while the dog urinated, staring right at me, completely at ease to be doing what he was doing! I was in shock at the nerve. They do not pick up the poop. Just a couple days ago, I watched the girl allow the dog to deficate, and just walked off. I picked up the poop with a plastic bag, walked it to their house in an attempt to return her "property" to her. She did not answer the door, so I left the bagged poop on their door step. Minutes later, she appears at my door, explaining that the dog had diarrea, and she could not pick it up (although I had no problem picking it up: it was soft, but not liquid). I handed her some literature I found on the web giving reasons why allowing a dog to deficate (especially if the dog was ill) on a neighbor's property is not only disrespectful, but a health hazard, the fines for not following the law for not picking up, how dog poop is bad for plants, transmits disease, people step in the mess, etc. I told her there was nothing to discuss, other than that she and her family are to not walk the dog on our (and neighboring) properties and to pick up every time if the dog absolutely must go on a walk. After she left, she called the police on me for leaving the poop at her door. I could not believe the nerve of this girl! Then yesterday, I recieved an angry and insulting letter in the mail from her which basically stated that she sees nothing wrong with allowing the dog to damage neighboring properties, because dogs pee and poop on walks, pee on plants and trees ("it is what they do") she is human and doesn't always have a bag with her, etc. Basically, the letter was just her defending her entitlement to continue doing what she is doing. Any suggestions on how to proceed would are welcomed!

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The first time my she did she told me that I was rude for asking if she had a pooper scooper. The second time my mom and I were told that we were not wanted in the apartment community. I did not answer the door because she seemed kind of crazy. Then today the poop is outside. I thought about leaving it on her doorstep. Then I began to get creative. If I drank some coffee, and produced some of my own poop in a plastic baggie and then left that with the dog poop and cover her entire porch, maybe it would stop. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Oh God, the nerve of some people..I don't blame you guys for leaving poop on THEIR's their pets and they're responsible. It's not the dogs fault..
Tree, what did the police do when they came to your house?
We have a dog, an English Mastiff, and he's only to go in OUR yard, and my dh takes him to the forest nightly. We never walk him around the neighborhood. It irks me that these ppl have the nerve to allow their pets to poop on our lawns..There should be laws against it.
I have a neighbor who used to walk her dog..she lived on the other side of the street, yet she'd walk her on our side.
Every spring I'd plant annuals and seedlings out front, only to have this woman walk her dog, and allow her to piss on my new plants..I would get so angry. It got to a point, when I saw her out front of my house, I'd step outside, and in a firm tone, tell her I didn't want her dog pissing on my garden.
I notice some ppl out my way are setting signs out front stating not to allow dogs to use their grass/gardens as a toilet. It's to the, whether or not ppl will respect these signs, who knows...
Ppl who do not obey signs, and allow dogs to 'go' on our lawns, are NOT playing with a full deck, and because of their ignorance, do NOT understand, either intentionally or out of stupidity.
I even considered putting a small fence so dogs wouldn't use my gardens as a bathroom. Again, it's not the dogs fault, it's the owner who is to blame.
If you're in a small community, rather than a large city, perhaps calling the police will help..if u complain enough, maybe neighbors will take you seriously..If you live in a large city, the police have other issues and don't have time to deal with it. This subject troubles me to no end..Toni

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Pour bacon grease on the "offerings" perhaps the dog will remove them himself. Amuse yourself with images of sloppy puppy kisses being received next door.

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This solution works for a barking dog also.... invest in a quality paintball gun. Then post a sign in your yard saying "Tresspassers will be SHOT"... sit in your house with an open window and light up the dogs rear end when he decides to pop a squat on your lawn. This is legal as the dog is trespassing and the owner is allowing it to. I did it for my neighbors dog who first was pooping in my yard as he was trained too, and then once I stopped that by retraining him with my paintball gun he would bark all night keeping my 7 month old baby up. then i started peppering his bottom with the paintball gun and two nights later he quit his barking also. I like dogs and I liked this dog also, but I have my priorities like a clean yard and a good nights sleep. FYI my neigbor is a COP also.

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This could possibly be the longest thread in history! Thank goodness for a place to vent and for the great ideas (going to try hot pepper and citrus). Would love to hear if any suggestions helped you since it's been 5 years!

Woke up at 2:30a this morning. Couldn't sleep. Thinking about all the dog poop that's been showing up on our brand new landscaped front garden. I normally have a buddhist like nature, but MAN is this bringing up every evil thought I have. I found this thread, and what a relief! I'm not alone. There are other's completely pissed off at all these irresponsible dog owner's and venting. Whew hooo!!

To share a bit, as much as I love our new garden, I feel like a complete ass for putting money into beautifying our home and community when people just let their dogs s**t all over it!. Our front garden is newly lanscaped with wood chips, trees and new grass. Obviously bad choices. Seems dogs LOVE to s**t on wood chips and new grass and their owners are very happy to let them.

The way we are finding the excrement is even less pleasant. Since the bark is dark, you can't see the poop til you are close. My children, being the normal children that they are, run around the front garden, through the bark and grass. This used to be fine, until the poop started showing up. Now their play ends with dog poop on their shoes. And, of course, once they step in it, they tell mommy who gets to do the wonderful job of cleaning up after some ignorant owner's animal and buying new shoes when the stentch is so bad.

Desperate for something, I was going to make a sign that said "YOUR MOM DOESN'T LIVE HERE, PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE AND CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR OWN DOG." That was after I had more evil thoughts of signs with shotguns (this coming from a liberal, buddhist, non-gun trotting chick). I ended up buying two more "neighborly" signs last night (with little pooping dogs and a big red line through them). To say the least, I'm not very happy with this new addition to the garden, so I'm hoping the signs work fast and I can take them out. I'm also going to try standing out front and talking to pet owner's. I'm assuming it's the same people everyday, so just need to catch them and talk.

And, if the pooping doesn't stop, last resort: catch the culprit (owner) on film and drop his little love bundles crap pack on his doorstep.

Keep sending new ideas!!

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I live next to an 8- apt. building. I came home at lunch one day about 2- months ago to find the neighbor closest to me in my yard with her large dog letting it poop. I confronted her and told her I did not want her doing this in my yard. They have their own grass but she was bringing her dog in my yard while I was at work. I did not have anymore problems until about 2- weeks ago and now they are not bringing their dog over they are letting it come on it's own. I went to leave for work yesterday morning and their he was squatted and ready to leave me his left overs. I chased him out. I have been cleaning poop for the last 2- weeks and had just cleaned the night before this and had to clean about 5 more piles yesterday morning.
I called the city and county and filed reports. They should get visits this week by both. I am told that if they do not take care of this that they will start fining them. I hope this takes care of it.
I did find a remedy for cats. This last summer I laid sand to set up a pool and the cats were using it for a litter box. I sprinkled cajin pepper in the sand and never had a problem all summer.
I am going to see if I can find a remedy for this also. I hope the warnings from the city and county work.
I think it is so rude, if I wanted to clean up dog poop I would own my own.
This woman did not think their was anything wrong with coming into my yard and bringing her dog to poop.
Why is it that people with dogs think it is ok and if you say anything they think you are an animal hater. They have no respect for people that just don't want to take care of animals so choose not to have any. They although can live in a small apt. and have a huge dog and that is not an animal hater. I question that??? if they like the animal they would have it somewhere to roam.

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This worked for us. We got one of those water guns that shoot a long way, can't remember what they are called, but my grandkids had one. We put ammonia in it with a little water. When they squat the little boys try to hit them in the rear. Believe me it doesn't take many times of this and we don't see them anymore.

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One of the best things you can do is to get photographic or video evidence. Once this is in hand, print up the photographs and/or burn the video onto a DVD and send it, certified mail, to the person's landlord.

Most landlords strive to stay on the good side of the neighborhood and will do everything in their power to rectify the situation, up to and including eviction.

If this doesn't work, call your local police department and obtain a trespass warning against the neighbor, providing law enforcement with the photographic evidence as proof. That way, next time you catch the individual on your property and present it, the neighbor will be guilty of violating the trespass warning.

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given the number of nut jobs loose in this country today, the only safe way to handle any situation like this is via some authority. that can be a homeowers association or the local (police, animal control, city ordance enforcers, etc). talking to each other seems to have gone out of fashion these days.

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my son has a bb gun and i shot the neighbors dog on the heiny cuz he always comes over here and leaves his surprises, and he stopped for a long time. now he started back up. so now i got a paintball gun for my son and i to play with. i'll shoot him again and he'll leave again for a while. maybe for a very long while!! i like the dog just not the poo!! and not him in my yard!! i love animals by the way :')) so i just want to stun him. and one of my friends said cayenne pepper works really well! i guess if you leave the powder down then they'll sniff and then yuck!! and when they poo it'll really burn so if they don't get it at one end they will at another end.

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Here's a good idea that not only makes your yard cleaner, but makes the world a more peaceful place. Go visit your neighbors with a bottle of wine or a six pack of beer one evening (pick a beautiful one). After you've talked a bit, tell them that you are still having a problem with poop in the yard and, while you APPRECIATE their picking it up every once in a while, you really do not want to call in a complaint because YOU LIKE THEM and so you have come up with a solution that might be agreeable to all.

You are going to propose two solutions: the first one they probably won't like which will make the second one easier to swallow.

The solution you propose first will cost them money every time the dog poops - and it's one you may not really like either because you might still have 'leftovers'! Tell them that every morning, one of them or their kids has to come over and pick it up. If they haven't come by noon, you get to have a service come by that picks it up, at their expense. They will have to set up an account with the service. Tell them the service will call them to tell them they are coming - if they go pick it up right then, the service will not come and no expense is incurred. 'The service' can simply be a friend or family member of yours, if you want! These folks won't incur a fee (because they have control over it), you won't have to collect anything (poop or money), their kids will learn how to pick up poop everyday. Tell them that if that doesn't work (or if they don't like it), you DO know a trainer (most can do this, but call and arrange it first) who can teach the dog to poop in a certain area - obviously an area in THEIR yard. Perhaps they can also buy you some cayenne pepper (like the person mentions above) so you can help with the training by sprinkling it around where the dog likes to poop and other places. The dog will be getting negative feedback from sniffing around your yard, and positive feedback from pooping in his yard (treats, praise, love and play).

Keep inviting them over for a beer or some wine every once in a while when you are hanging out in your beautiful yard - it's a small price to pay for peace! Plus, you'll get to know more things that you like about them!

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We have new neighbors with 2 large dogs. they are renting the (small) house and have 2 guys, 2 girls, and the 2 large dogs. At first one guy would walk his dog and let it go wherever without picking it up. All our neighbors pick up after their dogs so everyone knew it was the new people.

Soon thereafter, someone picked up one of the piles and left it in their walkway with a note that said "Please pick up after your dog, it's the law". I was happy someone did it and was suprised to find out it wasn't a dog owner but someone who witnessed it.
After that, they stopped walking the dogs (sad for the dogs)... until last night - one of them left a large pile on my lawn! Unfortunately we were extremely angered by this and in our anger, picked up the poo in a bag and tossed the bag over onto their walkway. No one was home at the time.

I can't believe what happened next. One of the people living there tossed the bag BACK onto OUR LAWN! So, now I just don't know what to do! I really hope it doesn't become hostile here because we love our neighborhood. I just can't imagine they thought it wasn't their dog, because they put the bag back on the property where the dog went! Like if it really wasn't their dog they would think, 'wow, who put this poo here'? But since they KNEW their dog went on OUR lawn, they threw the bag back here figuring we retaliated to begin with.

Does anyone have a suggestion? I don't want to have trouble. The other thing is that the person walking the dog when it went on our lawn was one of the girls...the guys always walk the dogs and never the girls so maybe they don't know the girl let it happen. But I still go back to my original thought which is how would they know where the bag came from if the dog didn't go here in the first place?

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Get a camera, and record the tenant letting the dog poop on the law. You can setup a webcam facing out your window and record it onto a hard drive. I know I did this to catch my neighbors. I would have to let it record for 10 hours/day and then review it in triple speed to find the moment they did it.

Once you obtain this evidence either A) Print up still shot photos of this or B) burn the few minutes you caught of the neighbor bringing the dog to your yard to do its business.

Once you have this evidence find out who the landlord is by looking it up at the county property tax appraiser and then mail the dvd and/or photos to the landlord.

Landlord typically want to maintain good relationships with the community and will make sure the situation is rectified or they will evict the tenant.

That is the BEST thing to do.

Good Luck!

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Thanks for the advice, I have already started the process of finding out the landlord's information. My husband sort of wants to make peace and tell them that he was only trying to communicate to pick up after their dog, and maybe this would help the tension we are expecting. I feel this would come off as an apology, and that we should not have to apologize for delivering to them the doo their dog deposited here on our side of the street.
I mean, we do feel immature and that it was wrong to bag the poo and toss it to their walkway, but it is hard to justify that they are not wrong either. And the fact that they threw it back here!
I have been thinking that maybe they have a camera and that is how they so swiftly responded in our direction. I really just don't want trouble, and I don't want to kiss their you-know-whats either!
The landlord tried renting that house for over a year. Before that it was empty and for sale for over 2 years. The reason is because no one rents here in our neighborhood, the only houses that are rented are generally summer homes. This one is an anomaly so that is probably why we were "blessed" with such fabulous renter neighbors. I feel that no matter what we turn up that landlord probably won't evict them since he has been so desperate to rent that house.

Either way I would love footage of them allowing the dog to relive itself on my lawn. Then I could justify any action I take!

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got lawn sprinklers?

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We moved in a new community several years back and had the same problem as others regarding dog business. It is a huge problem and most people that allow their dogs to do such a thing you can't convince otherwise. I always tried to avoid conflict as it would just make the matter worse. Our community would not allow fences in the front yard so the next best thing was to plant barbarry bushes because they have nice sharp thorns. I bought cheap little white metal fencing for the first season to protect the bushes and from then on, never had a problem. I have always enjoyed watering my grass and have found squirting a few dogs before they could squat or cock a leg a little extra bonus in keeping the lawn nice. Also ammonia in a spray bottle - use the mist setting - will keep dogs away.

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Try this "recipe" for Rabbit Repellent my mother got off of a gardening show several years ago. Be forewarned though, it stinks! Mix it outside in a disposable container.

8 oz. Murphy's Oil Soap
4 oz. Castor Oil
5 oz. hot sauce
1 shot glass size Urine (the soaked beads from inside of a baby's diaper worked well for us)

We used it once. It got rid of rabbits, cats, dogs, and people!

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My next door neighbor was letting his dog poop around my mailbox, which is next to the road. One day when I saw the neighbor working in his front lawn I greeted him like a good neighbor. I told him I was having a problem with dogs pooping around my mailbox and I was puzzled as to what to do to stop it. I told him that I didn't want to put any poison down around the area as I didn't want to harm the dogs. I told him that I was thinking about sprinkling pepper all around the mailbox to prevent this. Well, the next day I didn't see any fresh poop around the mailbox, nor the day after, nor the day after that.....and so on. I never did put any pepper down around the mailbox, but it solved the problem. I never mentioned this topic again with my neighbor.

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I am having a similar issue--except it involves a stray cat. We live on the edge of town, but there's no animal control and I'm at my wits' end trying to figure out how to get the stupid cats to stop using my planting beds (and sometimes my garage :mad:) as a litter box!! I'd shoot the darn things if I wouldn't get into some serious trouble for it--as it is, I've been seriously considering a BB gun just for this purpose.

So far I've tried catching them in the act, red pepper, hot sauce, and after reading this I'm thinking about some antifreeze. Actually, I'm going to borrow my BIL's live trap to see if I can lure them in (doubtful) and then take them somewhere else to shoot them. They are just feral cats and a nuisance to the neighborhood, don't see how shooting them will be too upsetting for anyone...Just sucks because it's going to take several trips to get all of the cats.

Anyone have any better solutions? I'm open to suggestions.

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ksfarm_girl Have you tried leaving bars of Zest (or other strong smelling bar soap) where the cat does his business? If you have a repeat offender, the smell should distract them.

Also, planting aromatic plants like marigolds should help. Of course, if its in the middle of the lawn, marigolds are hard to do.

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The dogs in my neighborhood bark constantly and they poop on my lawn. As a Vietnam Vet, I am not tolorable of too much B.S. Anyway, I've yelled and screemed for the last time. I bought a BB rifle with a scope, and not only shot the dog, but the owner too! I go up to the second floor and shoot at them before they reach my house. This way they'll think someone else is mad at them too.

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I can relate to you all. I have enjoyed reading these posts, and have been amused by some of them too. Great ideas. I am going to try the urine suggestion. I live in the mountains where we are under cover of snow all winter. The snow began melting and like "50" piles of poop started appearing in my yard. The neighbors two dogs have been using my yard all winter to do their business. I have seen them in the act, and they have a direct trail from their house to mine. The guy lets them out and then turns his head and pretends he doesn't see them shi**ng in my yard! I politely asked my neighbor to come over and pick up the mess. She sent her son who got maybe 3 of the piles. I asked her again, and again, and they are still there. I can't even walk in my yard. Not only does my neighbors 2 dogs sh*t all over my yard, the one is a 24/7 barker. I just today ordered the automatic bark response tool that sends out a high pitched signal in response to the bark. Will see how that works (crossing fingers)

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Found this forum searching on google. Same story my neighbors' dogs(2 of them) are both lead by their owner into my yard(they are not on leshes). The owner like supervises them or watches out for them while the crap in my yard, if I go outside she will call them into their backyard.

Yesterday I tracked the crap into my house after stepping in it. Im so furious. Today I catch both the dogs doing their business in my yard again (it's a daily event)while the lady watches and makes sure I don't catch them in the act. Well I busted out my camera opened the door and acted like I was taking pictures(memory was full , Argh) she quickly calls them into her backyard.

I had it with these neighbors. They have thrown trash bags in my backyard in the past which had their junk mail in it that had their address on it, I yelled at them for that. They don't speak english at least when I was yelling at them they didn't. So here is what I plan on doing . I bought some powder laxative and I plan on cooking some meat and mixing it with the powder and leaving it in MY yard(my private property) . I already ordered the laxative. Hopefully their dogs will spray crap all in their house and hopefully the dogs will fill sick too.

Sorry for my rant. Hope it makes sense. I get so mad about this even while posting this. I can't talk to these people as they don't speak english and they don't care. They actually seem to be teaching their dogs how to crap in my yard. This is driving me insane. My elderly mother thinks I am overreacting but she never had this problem. She thinks I should try to make nice with them and I would maybe consider this if the dogs were getting out on their own but they are not. They are being taught to do this.

As long as I keep the laxative flavored meat on my side of the yard, then fault is on the dog owner who lets their dogs get on other people's property to begin with. Plus the lady watches the dogs so she will see the dogs eat the meat and after it sprays crap all in their house she hopefully won't be so encouraged to let her dogs in my yard.

PS; These dogs are barkers too, I plan on getting barking deter device like the poster above me.

Again sorry for the rant. Will post updates if anything unfolds in this story.

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I tried this and it worked! It looked funny for a couple of days but the offender got the picture...

Here is a link that might be useful: Dog Poo In My Yard Sign

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Get a cam corder and take pictures of dog coming into your yard and then call animal control. Put up no trespassing signs and call police if dog or neighbor comes onto your property. Go to a lawyer and have warning letter sent to neighbor. Put up barbed wire fence on your side of 15 foot piece of yard you share w/neighbor. Go to magistrates court w/documentation of dog pooping on your property and charge neighbors with destruction of property and trespassing.

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Yes folks, it happens all over the world!!

Problem for me is that I can't catch the animal, presumably dog. I have stayed awake for hours and I rise at 5am but still no luck. I assume the owner lets the dog wander unleased because the deposits are sometimes only a metre from my front door. And ALWAYS left overnight.

I have tried many expensive deterrents and recently, a whole bottle of citronella - for the record it doesn't work!

What god damn dog can stand the smell of citronella!!!

There must be something that works - please help.

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Enough Mr. Nice Guy just pour some bacon grease on the poops and let the neighbor dogs do the clean up for you! Dogs luv bacon! Problem solved.

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We just bought our first house last spring. All of the people in the neighborhood seem nice, but our next door neighbors have an australian shepherd and golden retriever that have s**t in my yard from day one.

Well, after months of flinging poo back into the neighbor's yard, I was approached by the neighbor who gave me some sob story ab how picking up the poo is hard with their work schedule. I say "Fine, as long as your trying to pick up".

Now winter is coming to an end, and we had our first big snow melt. I counted about 25 dog turds, not bad for a winters worth, but certainly more than I am willing to handle. I am back to flinging poo again; but this time it's moist from the melt, and the neighbor's siding is my canvas.

I definitely feel your pain of having an ignorant neighbor. I thought the best thing to do would be talk, but after reading these posts I am not so sure.

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The first time we saw poop we ignored it and we saw who's dog it was but just ignored it. It ruined our grass that spot got dried no grass. Today I saw more poop. It really got me upset. Was it the same dog or another dog. My husband thinks people walk their dog and let's them do it where ever. Defintely will put a trap. My kids go out there to play. I don't even have a dog to be picking up someone elses crap. My husband was so upset he said he 'll by a pellet gun.

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It's not the dog's fault they are looking elsewhere to poop. They were probably scolded not to poop at home base, but only shown it was okay to poop next door. PLEASE don't hurt the animal (the dog) with poisons or BB gun, etc. The local animal cops can help. Are you that frustrated? Do the dog a favor and put out a call for help to re-home the animal. Pay for it if you have to. You make sure the dog gets a nice home with good owners, no poop in you yard (well not from this happy dog. and next door probably won't notice it's gone. They probably think good riddance as it was "so-n-so's dog that was dumped on me!". it's a win-win for everyone.
P.S. Check if any children are involved next door. It may be just a case of no training for the child on animal husbandry. Be nice and offer assistance to train the young pet owner how to care for them. Or at least show them how to pick up the "euu!" and it's ok to drop it in your trash if the other is too far.

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I don't understand how dog owners feel like they have earned the privelage and right to have their dogs do their business on someone elses property. Even if they pick up after the deed is done, I don't approve of anyone letting their pets go on my property nor do I approve if they take their animal for a walk several blocks from their own home and "pick" my property to have their dog take a dump. it's thoughtless, inconsiderate, unsanitary, damaging to foliage and landscaping,.. and the list goes on. I am continueously "chasing" people that walk their gorgeous animals and then have them take a pit stop on my lawn or schrubs. Don't get me wrong,.. I ask each of these folks politely to not let their animals on my yard,.. and suggest they take them to their own yard to have them do the duty that is due. They frequently remind me that they will pick up afterwards, etc. but, I don't care,... there is still residue left,.. the lawn, bulbs, foliage is poisened, and there is always some damage left. Often times the dog digs up afterwards, etc. So, bottom line dog owners should exercise their respect for other peoples property and have their pets evacuate their requirements on their own lawn, bushes, driveways, walkways, flowers, and bushes, etc. Unfortunately I have now asked some of the same folks several times and on a few occasions they became vicious with me,... making me feel like I am the one that's the a_ _ h _ _ . I love animals, dogs in particular however, something needs to be done on the local, as well as broader level. Bottom line,.. have the dogs take a dump on their own property,.. then take them for that much needed and enjoyed walk. Many neighbors will appreicate this and dog owners will be better liked neihbors at the same time.

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I know this is an old post, I also found it googling this topic... I guess my issue is reversed-but need some guidance on how to solve this problem.
I have a Mastiff mix terrier that is 1 year old.. I have even been complimented by neighbors saying that I prob the only person that have always seen picking up after my dog-in which I reply that that's what we all should do-I personally have a 5 year old neice that comes every weekend and plays outside and don't want her stepping in my dogs poop.
Anyways-the ratio of dogs in this community is very high-I think that 1out of every 3 homes has atleast 1 dog-most are those little lap dogs and most have atleast 2... A RENTER just moved into the house across the street and seems to hate dogs-I saw them almost kill a stray cat 1 night and I interfered.. Now ever since then it's like I asked for it. He is constantly watching me and every chance he gets he tells me to make sure my dog doesn't pee or poop on his rental property-I tell him that he doesn't and always show him the bag-but he doesn't care! Ive never seen him say anything to the little dog owners and thru my window I always see all the those dogs go on his property! I thunk it's because my dog is big he can see it but I'm sick of being accused of something my dog hasn't done-especially because I'm make it a point to clean up after him! I've tried walking him in other areas-but to get there I have to pass this house and I always have my bag in sight! What can I do since I feel like I'm the one being harrassed now! It's not fair to be a dog owner that is good about it to be pinned or treated a certain way because other people dont care! Most dog owners do pick up after their dogs!

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what happened I have no idea which one of our neighbours dos is poop in our lawn close to the house and smell bad.
Don't know how to fix it. Some dogs owner is bad like their dogs.

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As a dog owner I would like to give the other side of this story. I have NEVER left a dog poop in ANYONE'S yard in the 2 years I have owned my toy poodle.... yes toy poodle with poop the size of a mini tootsie roll. She is trained to do her business in MY yard but I take her for frequent short walks in the neighborhood. There are no sidewalks and we have to walk on hot pavement (I live in Florida) but she is allowed to walk on the borders of the grass.. by the way the first 10 feet or so actually belongs to the city. I am always prepared with bags for the slight chance she may do the deed on someone else's (actually the city's) property. I cannot tell you how many times I have been verbally accosted/abused by people as I simply walk by their house. I know there are some dog owners who are very irresponsible in this regard, but please people be sure you are yelling at the right person, not just someone who is walking by your house with a leashed dog and 4 plastic bags hanging out of every pocket!!!
I realize this is displaced anger on the part of these psychos, but it is unnerving just the same. Just to let you folks know, there is another side to this.

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I've got drunken inconsiderate neighbors who get hammered in their front yards while letting their kids run around unsupervised and their behemouth dogs unleashed. The drunks don't care as long as the beer and music lasts untill 4 am. Their kids are learning to be drunks from the best instructors. I have decided that hotdogs with ipecac or exlax will be the only resolve. I like the bacon grease idea though. Any other ideas on decorating their houses?

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I live on a curving/corner lot. Something about this is just too tempting for indecent dog owners.

I realized that it was time to get on my war footing when my kid and another child spotted droppings only about 15 feet from my house, a full 40-50 feet from the curb - disgusting. Just let your pet pull you into a place where HE feels comfortable. Don't exercise any judgment at all.

So, rather than to waste my time trying to communicate with people who have already proven where they stand, I decided to communicate directly with the pet.

First, I inspect my yard every day or so for droppings. I scoop the droppings and place them directly into the curb nearest the spot.

I found all of the commercial pet repellents, but, ruled them out, since at $15 a pop, you'd spend hundreds a year, since all it takes is a fresh rain to eliminate them.

I did some research on pepper and found the hottest pepper power, habanero, is rated 300,000 on the same scale where jalapeno is rated 7,500. I got a pound for $20. So far, it's lasted me several months. I place it, obviously, around the base of my mailbox. I also sprinkle it well on each of the deposits I place on the curb, as well as in the spot where I find the deposit. Occasionally, I also spread chili peppers near the 'hot spots'. In the fall, they look a lot like the leaves, so the owners won't see them, but, the dogs won't have the restraint to avoid them. That'll give them a memory that they won't appreciate.

My droppings have reduced quite a bit, but, not entirely. But, almost immediately, one of the nearby neighbors was seen with gloves and a bag, the same neighbor whose son, call him suspect #2, I had caught in the act earlier. The corrected impression is being made.

I know that I also have to identify the owners and get a good idea of when this occurs. People like schedules.

I purchased a wildlife camera that triggers on body motion and heat(infra-red). For a one-time expense, I can move the camera from location to location (belted on a tree trunk). I placed it in the middle of the night so that neighbors, one of whom is nearby and a suspect, wouldn't notice my deployment. I received over 100 photos in my first overnight exposure. 8 photos were exactly what I was seeking. My very first examination of the photos showed a primary suspect, I'll call him suspect #1, walking with his dog about TEN FEET into my yard inside of the curb, and carrying no gloves or bag. I will target a note to this house with details of what the boy was wearing on the day photographed (they won't see a photo, because, they don't need to know where my camera is located), and to let them know that even if he didn't do it today, I will catch him when he does and I will return it to their door. I'll have one question - why have you not properly raised your son to respect other people's property. This is the same boy I once found 40' away from a curb, into my yard, with his dog, next to my fence, letting his dog peek at the in-home dog I once had who was out briefly. So, this one boy is SUSPECT #! for more than one reason, over a considerable period of time. Fortunately, I also have photos of another dog walker that was exercising respect, obviously carrying a plastic bag and gloves as he walked.

My camera will be my eyes that I don't have with a time/date stamp and will all of the identifying information I need.

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Neighbors drop their bombs all over my lawn all the time and there's nothing I can do about it. The great part is I don't even own a pet because I hate poop! As a result I have severe anxiety and panic attacks. I hope they all die. The owners I mean.

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A very old post and the originator has probably moved, but what surprises me is that people are just venting. I came here looking for viable solutions. I got: moth balls, urine, red pepper flakes and a soap and urine mixture. I will try a couple, but will go back to googling for help.

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brettn_10(4-5 Northern UT)


Lookup the Yard Sentinel. Works well and is probably the best on the market. No more doggy droppings in the mower. The best part about it is that it works on rodents and birds too. The European starlings were driving me nuts. And no more voles destroying my lawn.

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Gotta say, I am frustrated beyond belief with this whole "thank you for planting toilets for my dogs" thing. I have had to plant and replant and I'm over it. My husband and I have both tried talking and eventually yelling at the neighbors over this and yet here I sit with a ruined lovely globe arborvitae that I planted five years ago and have been chasing dogs off of for five years.

I just ordered a really mean looking set of Echinocereus triglochidiatus cacti with some wicked looking spikes on it to replace the arborvitae. I'm done yelling. Cacti don't mind dog pee and I'm hoping the dogs don't mind the cactus spikes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Echinocereus triglochidiatus White Sands

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Not to be overly self promoting, I want to share a book I published recently on this very topic it's entitle:

"My Neighbor's Dog is Pooing in my Yard. Now What? 101 Ways to get your Yard and Dignity Back". You can find it here:

Here is a link that might be useful: Book on Neighbor's Dog is Pooping in my Yard

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Hi everyone,

I have been dealing with this for years now. It's one neighbor in particular that I have a problem with. I have put a note in her mailbox but she continues to let her dogs pee and poop around my mailbox. If we are outside or if the garage is open she walks them on the other side of the street. Problem is I have a clear view of my front yard from my kitchen window. This is where I was standing fixing lunch today when her dog peed on one of my russian sage plants around the mailbox while she continued to stroll down the leash on the dog.

We live in a neighborhood where most of the houses sit on at least 3/4 acre. We have 1.5 acres. So everyone has more than enough room for their animals. Unfortunately, EVERYONE with a pet allows them to roam freely around the neighborhood. The other animals are not usually a problem but this woman has trained her animals to use certain spots as their bathroom. We took out our old wooden post mailbox and replaced it with a plastic one because after years of being peed in daily, the area just stunk. I also removed the old dirt and started a new garden around the mailbox. The activity has dropped drastically since I did that. I actually thought my new garden had a chance until what I saw today.

After reading this thread, I just went out and sprinkled red pepper flakes around the perimeter and rinsed off the plant that was offended. I was not planning to plant much else there but I've also decided to plant some barberry bushes around the perimeter as a deterrent. I planted some juniper bushes around the mailbox with the hope that they will protect my mailbox once they fill in.

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Peppercorns work well as a scent deterrent and take a while to break down.Srinkle them around the lawn and garden beds. This is the only thing that has worked for me without constantly reapplying.

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I have had problems similar, call the city office, there should be regulations, especially due to it being a health hazard. Given enough warnings or complaints, the city should do something about it, especially since most cities require dogs be on a lead or caged outdoors.

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