Common Lilac in pot - will it survive winter?

jenswrensOctober 29, 2006

I have a 2 ft tall common lilac (Syringa vulgaris) that I planted in a large pot this spring. It's one of those really big decorative (but styrofoamish - I forget what they're called - you know, supposed to look like a concrete urn but are fake) pots. My intention was to plant it in late summer when I got back from a long vacation, but I never did.

Now I'm wondering what to do. Will it survive the winter in this pot? Should I bring it inside? Should I go ahead and plant now? In my previous experience, fall plantings of roses and other shrubs haven't done well here in MN.

What should I do with it at this point? I really don't want it to die. Thanks!

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If you have a spot for it in the garden picked out, I would go ahead and plant it now. Water it in well, put a layer of mulch on it and call it a season. I just came inside from planting a Japanese Lilac Tree. I'm not too worried about it.

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leftwood(z4a MN)

I agree. Go ahead and plant it now.

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Or do as I suggested in the thread about clematis in pot above...

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Lily_digger(4A MN)

I have to tell you that I had one survive in a plastic pot over the winter last year. I had received it free as a bonus from a good nursery, but just never got it in the ground. Lo and behold, it leafed out this spring and I finally got the poor thing in the ground in the last two weeks. I certainly would plant it now, if I were you, but I just wanted to emphasize that they really are a hardy plant!

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