mildew on plants, shrubs in wisconsin,,,,HELP!

ksanfordJuly 17, 2006

we have a yard that is predominantly shade that is mulched annually with shredded bark mulch. it is heavily planted with all the traditional shade/semi shade shrubs & plants that are zoned for 4/5.

we have a problem with mildew on the foliage of too many plants! we try not to water overhead too often (but do!)

and only water regularly the new plantings or existing shrubs when they are in need.

any ideas? thank you

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I don't know how big your garden is, but have you tried the milk spray? (1 cup of milk to 9 cups of water, sprayed on the plants). It's said to work wonders with powdery mildew. Might help.

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Also do a search on the organic gardening forum. They have a lot of homemade recipes for mildew and other problems. Many times mildew is caused by plants being too close together so they do not get enough air circulation to dry properly between waterings.


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