Lonicera sempervirens flowers turned white this spring

miabranApril 14, 2014

I have had this major wheeler plant for a couple of years and it has always had the regular red trumpets and attracted lots of hummingbirds. This spring it was loaded with tiny white trumpets. Is this normal. Will the red trumpets come back. Are the hummingbirds going to be mad :-)

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I haven't heard of a white coral honeysuckle, so it will be interesting to hear if it continues with white blooms throughout the summer, and past this bloom season. I know that there's a yellow cultivar of Lonicera sempervirens ('John Clayton'- see link below), so it obviously does 'sport' away from the usual coral/orange-y colors.

Hummingbirds will visit the Japanese honeysuckle, so I'm guessing they'll be okay with your mutant white flowers.

I planted a 'Major Wheeler' and a 'Magnifica' last spring and they have yet to bloom, although they are vining... This spring I planted a species coral honeysuckle in between the other vines and it is outperforming the older cultivar plants and is ready to bloom already. By the time the hummers come back through here in late summer, I'm hoping all 3 plants will be blooming.

Here is a link that might be useful: photo of 'John Clayton' honeysuckle

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