Brugmansia (Angel Trumpet)

Rubby(6b)January 29, 2014

Anyone here in New England growing Brugmansia? Looking to get another variety or two. I have one. Willing to trade if interested.

I understand it is winter. lol

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corunum z6 CT(6)

Hello Rubby,
I do not grow it, but have talked to a lady in Hebron, CT who does grow quite a few each year and sells them from her little greenhouse. Last year she had yellow blossoms - I do not know the variety. Two years ago, at the end of the season, they were huge and she was giving them away. If you're interested, I can get her address.


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bill_ri_z6b(Zone 6B)

I've grown one in a pot for several years, but it never seemed to make good, fresh growth, although it did bloom every year. But although the flowers were fine, the foliage always seemed stunted and just struggling to survive. Although it wouldn't die, and it did bloom every year, it just never looked really healthy. I finally gave up and cut it way back. It's in my sunroom now, but I'm pretty sure it's dead.

FYI, Logee's in Danielson, CT has several varieties for sale. I gave the current owner's mother young plants of a species from Peru that I had grown, which was Brugmansia sanguinea (Datura sanguinea way back then - c. 1972). Anyway she, and now her son, used that to create some of the pink and salmon varieties that they sell now.

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Thanks Bill,

It's a shame on your history of Brug. At least you got blooms, right?

The one I grow, pictured above, I grow from scratch every year. The picture was taken maybe Aug/Sept.

In October, I cut the entire plant into 6" sections and stick them in water. I throw the rest of the plant away. When the cuttings start rooting, I stick them in a 4" pot of soil and let them grow. When frost comes, I stick them in a basement window.

I plant them up to a 6" in February. Then I put them back into the giant pot pictured above in April, when the temps don't drop too cold.

Beautiful 5 foot plant with flowers in Mid-July.

Where are you located? I can get you a plant. I believe it is Brugmansia versicolor

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bill_ri_z6b(Zone 6B)

Maybe that's the way to do it, rather than growing on the same old plant. Yours certainly look healthy!

I'm in Providence, RI. Where are you located?

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