Collecting wild azalea seeds?

bstruss(9)April 5, 2009

I have some nice flame and pinxter azalea just terminating their bloom and I was wondering about collecting/germinating seeds. I have read that folks collect the dried brown seed pods, but my blossoms simply fall off when expired etc (long before turning brown). Therefore, should I collect these soft fallen blossoms - and wait for them to turn brown and dry etc? How do I know which of these will have seeds? I see articles on how to germinate the seeds but can't seem to find much on the harvesting/collecting process. Thanks--

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Nevermind on this question. I had not looked closely enough and was noticing pods which had fallen before turning brown (presumably from strong winds). Anyhow, I now see pods turning brown on the plant (which have seeds attached). I suppose it's best to let these get as brown/dried as possible before picking (even if risking them falling)??

I accidently also double posted this to the seed propagation section - thinking that post had not posted correctly etc. Sorry.

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Yes, let them get as brown as possible before harvesting.

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Just an FYI on seed collecting. The various hobby stores, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, have in their wedding supplies small cloth bags of various sizes that can be slipped over the seedhead or pod to help catch the seeds. I am not certain how much heat they would retain in full sun but have worked for me.

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Thanks for the tips. Yeah, on further reading, it seems these pods can be quite tedious in separating the seeds from. I like the Michaels cloth bag idea, and I've also had success collecting other seeds by twist tying an old piece of panty stocking over the seed head.

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