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muddyfingers2009April 16, 2009

Single blade shape green leaf with purple underside appears to come directly out of soil. Leaf has warty appearance and lines or folds. Small white bulb, oval shape about 1 inch long. Appears in shaded woods in April. Have never seen flower. No odor from leaf or bulb. Woodlands are mixed in foothills of western N.C.

Can you identify?

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Sounds like Crane Fly Orchid, Tipularia discolor. It blooms in the fall when the leaf is not visible. A single new leaf appears after the bloom.

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It is a puttyroot orchid also called adam and eve orchid.(Aplectrum hyemale). They are common in pine forests.

Below is a link for the flowers. Mine don't flower often, so maybe it takes certain conditions or maturity. I'm also in NC in the mountains, a bit further west than you.

Rattlesnake plaintains (Goodyera oblongifolia) are also commonly found in the same area as puttyroot.



Here is a link that might be useful: Puttyroot Orchid

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Jeanne, I don't think that putty root is purple on the underside of the leaf - at least mine is not.

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