Droopy Dahlias, HELP!

victory_gardener88April 29, 2013

I purchased a couple of Dahlia tubers about 2 months ago. I planted them in a large planter indoors, and they've taken off. On warm days I've put them out on my balcony, watered them when the soil looks dry, and I gave them plant food when I planted them.
They are always in the sunniest spot of my apartment when they aren't outside. I just put them out about half an hour ago and they are drooping very quickly... HELP! What does this mean, what can I do to perk them back up?
I have 3 tubers in a 2 gallon pot.

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This is the native plant forum and dahlias are not native to North America. Perhaps ask on the Dahlia forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dahlia forum

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a plant used to being indoors struggles when suddenly placed outside in full sun, they are not used to that. its like taking a baby with tender skin to the beach one day : ) move the plant from indoors to a shaded spot that gets bright light. also, dahlias like a good amount of water, provided the pot they're in has good drainage, water often.

dahlias like full sun provided they are grown that way, yours are not getting nearly enough light, this is why they are leggy and stretching toward the sun.

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